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Wednesday, October 16, 2019

She found herself in Colombia... part 3

Hello, welcome back 

I left you in the prior post in tears... those tears continued off and on and left me feeling even more strange and alone after family and friends went back home. I loved the new place but it was a stranger to me, no longer did I have the familiar to console me.
I no longer had my favorite spot in the back yard...

Or my studio

I said my Good byes...

 My favorite chair I kept and was now surrounded by boxes and pictures and hard to get at, I needed to get to work... and so I did. 
The week prior we had painted every room, it was a dark terracotta and lime green and now it was linen and warm gray tones.

I went shopping...
Found a perfect linen couch and chair at Walter E Smith, linen curtains and cupboard at Restoration Hardware and a great chandelier at Pottery Barn. This was starting to get fun and I needed to keep busy. 

I loved the kitchen with the stone and exposed beams. An added bonus was two fire´places, one in the dining area made of river rock and the other in the front room.

The bedroom needed a lot of help... There were header beams across the ceiling that lowered it way too much and I couldn´t put the top of the canopy on the bed. My son kindly removed them for me. The walls were paneled dark and I wanted to paint them but owner said no, so...

I got my sewing machine out.

and so I poured myself into my surroundings and settled in. It was a time of healing...
I had everything I needed without the maintenance and expense. It was comfortable and it even had a chicken coop in the back yard that I turned into my studio,,, but that is another post.


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