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Sunday, October 13, 2019

She found herself in Colombia... Part 2

Looking back...
Christmas 2016,  I am traveling back with my daughter from Minnesota where I've spent every Christmas with my family since I can remember. I am discussing with my daughter putting the house on the market with a realtor we know... I'm reluctant and while debating... my daughter just goes ahead of me and calls the realtor (anyone with daughters understands this). My daughter gives her my number and within a minute my phone is ringing, "Can I show the house tomorrow, I have a client looking for a historical house and she is going back to Pennsylvania the next day." I say, ok rolling my eyes and giving my daughter the look. As I was riding home, I was reminded of the conversation I had with DaddyGod a few months prior. 
 I was asking, "What now, Lord, what should I do now?" For you who are new here, my husband died the year before and I was in the midst of many changes.
 And He responded... you can stay right where you are, you can do what you've been doing, stay with the familiar and I will bless you or... Come on an adventure with me, step out and I will bless it.  
I chose the adventure
So here I am
selling my home stepping out in faith

To make a long story short, the family that came to see the house I had met at my church years before and had a connection with them. We visited around what God was doing in our lives and they ended up buying the house. It was a God appointment.

Well, it's now January in Chicago and closing is in February... and I am the queen of junk. A basement full, a three story house full, a garage full, a studio full, you get the picture. My kids, friends come to the rescue and help me sort through, pack and throw away. Meanwhile I start looking for something to rent... but nothing! 
I couldn't find anything I felt home in, I looked at a great apartment a half hour away in another town with exposed brick and old beams that I loved but I knew this wasn't it. On the way home I was discouraged and disappointed crying out saying, I thought this was it but if you want me to live in my car I will. Only 2 weeks until closing and I have to be moved but I was ok with it all. It was up to God and I knew even if it was the car it would be ok. I had a peace that not too many understood.
There is something about God's timing that is always impeccable... when we look back but at the time it seems the eleventh hour or just in the nick of time. But really it is for him to show up and show off, to show himself strong in your life. He loves you and has all things under control. 
And then suddenly... God

I was driving and got a call from my friend, "there's a house on Main street that has everything you liked about the apartment". I turn the car around and drive by, it looks like me! I call and make an appointment the next day.

Walking in the main floor of an old turn of the century 3 story home in the town where I spent the last 27 years in, where half my kids live and only blocks from everything I need... God had this for me. Not only that... He also gave me exposed old beams and exposed flagstone just what I loved about the apartment that he said no to. Because He knows me better than me. Because He knew I needed my kids close during this time. Because He knew this move was epic and a few blocks was much easier than miles away. Because this place was prepared for me ahead of time with even a chicken coop I turned into a studio. Because He made me who I am... and when I don't understand I trust him.
The next day I have a lease signed for two years.

And so the moving date arrived and we got a week to move things into the new place. It was orchestrated by God... that week it was 72 degrees in Chicago in February! I cleaned out the garage in a sweater. I am still thankful for that beautiful gift.
My sister came from Minnesota to help, as the last of the movers left and they set up the furniture including my bed, we sat on the couch exhausted... I said we can clean more tomorrow, lets go home and come back tomorrow. My sister looked at me funny and said, we're not going back there, your beds here... you live here now! Suddenly it hit me, that was my last night in my home I knew for 29 years,  I was so focused on the task of moving I didn't realize I wasn't going back... I burst into tears.
It was another death.


  1. I'm still with you up to this point...Story is just getting good :D and yep I had a bit of a weep during my sale last weekend as well

  2. This was such a whirlwind time. But the beauty came through in each moment... such dear memories.

  3. Wow, what am amazing journey! Can't wait to hear more!!! I love you! You compel us all to let go and trust Papa God with everything ��

  4. My little brother died, my dog of 18 years and my dad...God knew I'd had enough of sadness in Iowa...my pops always said I know you'll move to Florida when I'm dead and gone...well, I've sold the 5 houses, 5 cars, 3 motorcycles and all the junk inside with help from above and am living my dream in Florida, dad is still with me, showed himself in a dream not long ago...but the big guy upstairs is leading my charge...awesome journey Rebecca, I can relate...


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