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Sunday, December 6, 2009

Vintage Christmas Monday

Welcome to Vintage Christmas Monday... Hosted by Joan at Anything Goes Here If you need any Christmas inspiration be sure and go over to her blog and view all the wonderful posts listed there.
This Monday I am showing a few things in the shop and some displays that are my favorite. I hope you enjoy them.

I particularly love old silver and nothing is better for Christmas than old silver trays and Christmas greens. One of my favorite greens to use is boxwood and also seeded eucalyptus.

Love this old set of Tom and Jerry, the creamy white and gold look so festive!

Mix this with a little greens and it is a beautiful Christmas display... simple but beautiful.

Here are a collection of old silver frames put into a silver bowl...copy some of your favorite Christmas pictures mixed with a little bottle brush tree and it makes a wonderful Christmas display.

A couple of bottle brush trees under a dome on an old silver coaster

I like to take my garden statues at Christmas Angels or urns and mix a little candle light and greens and you have a wonderful center piece.

I will be posting pictures of my Vintage Christmas Open House later in the week. Thank you for all your good wishes and thoughts. It turned out to be such a fun weekend.
I hope your Christmas season is starting out good and I wish you all the blessings of love and the miracles that this special time of year brings.


  1. Rebecca,
    Love the silver picture frames in the bowl...awesome idea! All your pics are sooo beautiful...thanks for sharing them! Hope you have a wonderful week too!


  2. Just lovely, I could look at these photos again and again and still find new beautiful details!! Thanks for sharing!

  3. Everything looks wonderful and you are such a nice addition to Vintage Christmas Monday. Thanks for participating. xo Joan, your hostess

  4. These photos are beautiful....they give me a feeling of warmth and cosiness. Love them.

  5. Oh such "delicious" things....all of them.
    Sure like the "tone" you get on your photo's.



  6. Ahhh finally! This is my idea of Vintage Christmas too, old silver, sepia, cream and greens!

    It's all very beautiful Rebecca and when I see your ivory bottle brush wreath I'm so happy that I own it too now :) Also love your cups and jugs!

    Happy Vintage Christmas Monday wishes sends you
    Carola from Boxwood Cottage in Germany

  7. Wow...I love everything. So much to look at! It's all so beautiful!!

  8. Oh my, what beautiful displays!!! I love it all, very elegant!

  9. How very beautiful. I have always loved the old Tom and Jerry pieces too... How fun your shop must look! Bisous... Julie Marie

  10. what a gorgeous display....love all the silver

  11. I could spend hours in your shop, everything you have is just heavenly. The silver, the statuary, the bottle brush wreath, It's all just too much. I need to go back and study it all again!
    Big hugs,

  12. I am with Debra....days could spent there!! Your photos are lovely,but I must say that new header you have is jaw dropping...good job!! All the best,Chrissy

  13. I love all your things, but I really love the bottle brush trees displayed with the silver...julie

  14. Hi Rebecca! Oh how I wanted to come to your open house...there were just too many things to cram into one weekend...I saw Ensie at Kasey's event on Sat night and she said she had made it over to your open house and I told her I was so bummed I missed it! I really am going to make it in before Christmas though...I can't miss the opportunity to take in all of your beautiful inspiration!! I'm so happy it went well for you!

    Blessings ~

    :) T

  15. I just love all of the whites and creams and silver.
    Awesome- especially the bottle brush trees.


  16. Hi Rebecca,
    So much beauty all in one place! I feel so inspired now after this walk through your gorgeous shop. So much to see and it is all just amazing.

  17. Oh, Rebecca! Everything looks WONDERFUL! Wish I could make a hole in time and space and come right over for a visit ... (and some shopping??). You have such a nice way of putting things together, it always makes me smile. And I, too, am crazy about the cream bottle brush wreath ... YUMMY!
    I, too, am a Christmas baby ... well, one day short. Are you ACTUALLY on the 25th? How we tried to solve the "problem" ??? ... a fake birthday, of course. Yep, the first cake on my real birthday ... when I turned 16.
    Happy Vintage Christmas Monday and have a great week!
    Betty :)

  18. Oh Rebecca,,,such beauty!!
    Merry Christmas

  19. Just wanted you to know I included you in my favorites in this week's recap of Vintage Christmas Monday. xo Joan, your hostess

  20. So lovely...all that creamy white and candlelight! I agree with you about seeded eucalyptus...perfect for so many things.
    Stop by for a visit!

  21. Hi Rebecca!
    Truly an amazing masterpiece! I could have stayed for hours taking everything in! If you are in the Glen Ellyn area, this is a must see! You will definitely be inspired by the beauty!

    Merry Christmas Rebecca!

  22. Rebecca amor, what beauties you have not only in your home but in your store...my eyes never get tired but I think my family is getting tired of me going on and on about how beautiful it all is :) I just saw Traceys comment that she will be coming in to see you, I will have to ask her to give you a huge hug for me! :) Besos, Rose

  23. Hi Rebecca!! Gorgeous goodies as always!! I have not been by for a while to visit. Hope all is well. I have been covered up under the day job... Hospital Finance crunch by year end! Hugs and Blessings, Janna

  24. I Rebecca,
    I'v just found your wonderful blog while doing some blog hopping and I'm so glad I have as it is a very inspiring place to visit.
    Love your post and all the goodies you have so beautifully displayed. OMG, you do have a flair for displaying and a great taste too. everything is simply soooooo charming...
    I love silver goodies, especially vintage or still better antique ones. wish I had more!!
    pop over my blog if you have a chance. I'll be glad to have you over.
    Until then,

  25. Everything looks so beautiful your header is what Joan has posted and it brought me flying over here! I loved it all! ~ Theresa


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