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Thursday, March 3, 2011

Computer Room Redo

I am linking up with Deborah today at Common Ground for her 
Vintage Friday Inspiration Blog Hop
New projects are always inspiring and when finished so satisfying.

 Several weeks ago now I started a project of redecorating my computer room. It is a small room off the front entry way. 
The before pictures are here, and the steps of what I did also... 
it wasn't pretty! 
It has been more work than I had anticipated, such is the way projects go, but as promised I have pictures today of the final look. 

My son James hung the cupboard that I got in AZ, we did a little investigating on the internet. I had mentioned I thought it was pharmaceutical but we found a patent # and looked it up. It was a kitchen cupboard with a coffee grinder in it.

I am still not done completely. I will be recovering the computer chair, as you know good computer chairs are expensive, ugly but a must have.

I am disappointed in my pictures but the lighting was just bad today.

I love my heart I got from Dorthe, it has a place of honor

I have a thing for old hardware... I have put it on the bookcase and where ever I could in here. I had fun.

I am not liking all the mishmash of color the books give in my monochromatic world here, so eventually I will cover them with recycled craft paper.

Do you remember the huge ugly doors, that I took off and now have replaced with this skirt I made from old European linen. I really am pleased with the look.

 Most of the pictures you see are family...

My printer problems were solved with a wireless, so I could put it here. Ha I didn't even know it was wireless until I looked closer!

I got this fabulous wreath from Theresa aka TOT at Time Worn Interiors, she makes them out of old bed springs... I jazzed it up a bit.

I added some of my favorite things, the music-picture card was from my talented buddy Lisa at Tarnished and Tattered

This is an old Carol Bolton trick (she was so ahead of her time) and I was reminded of it on Lisa's post this past week. It was perfect timing as I was trying to determine what to do with this space and the books are perfect for this room. Thanks Lisa!

So, are you tired of pictures yet?

Please be sure and visit all the other participants at 
Vintage Inspiration Friday!
Thanks for staying with me, I hope all of you have a lovely weekend.
 I am excited because I am meeting a fellow blogger friend at the fleamarket. I will tell you all about it later!


  1. Rebecca, it turned out beautifully. I love the books on the wall and the chandelier. You can lighten the exposure of your images on Picasa easily. hugs♥O

  2. Oh, this is so awesome! It's just full of wonderful old treasures. Your home is just so darling. I love it.

  3. It's beautiful and does look like a lot of work went into it! You have so many beautiful mirrors.
    Thanks for the comment and for following.

  4. Rebecca, this room turned out amazing. It is like a hidden room in your house filled with treasures. What an escape for you. Love the books, the bedspring wreath and all the photos. Just gorgeous!

  5. Really, what a beautiful and peaceful place to be inspired! Rebecca, it is a masterpiece, I loved every photo, and never tired of them at all! xoxo

  6. Over the top fun space! i so admire your majolica. So earthy and soulful. Your window nook is so cozy and appealing, and of course, beautiful.

  7. OMG!!!! I LOVE it!! Everything! You managed to pack so much style in so little space. Fabulous. And no, I wasn't tired of pictures. I could just drink it all in.

  8. Rebeccca, I love everything but I'm LUSTING after that green alarm clock. If it ever misbehaves and gets the boot please tell it I will give it a happy home lol


  9. I love that you papered the shelves with book pages! That is just the best and so eco-friendly. I am going to do that to my studio shelves!


  10. Hello Dear Rebecca! I just love how this room turned out! you have so many wonderful treasures and displayed in such a great way! I need a little help in that area! I do also love your kitchen ( from your last post) such great ligth in there! The story of your home is so interesting...would love to read more and more about it!
    Have a great Friday!
    Tammy : )

  11. Hi Rebecca,

    Your room is absolutely beautiful and I would want to stay in there and never come out.
    Love everything and thanks for showing us.
    the arched window is lovely.

    Have a happy weekend at the Fleamarket

  12. Hi Rebecca, I love, love, love your computer room. You have such talent to put beautiful rooms together, thank you for sharing. Have a wonderful week. Hugs, Terri

  13. You continue to outdo yourself, my dear. The burlap is just perfect for this space. what can I say...it's all wonderful. the chandy and that window just MAKE the room. It's great to know where you're spending these hours.
    lots of love,

  14. How can you even consentrate to work when surrounded by such beauty? Love it all!!


  15. Gorgeous. Love everything, and I mean everything you've done. Your work is so encompassing and you are such an inspiration to me. I can't believed I'm making a suggestion to you because I think everything is so wonderful and always hesitate to make a suggestion. But, until you cover your many books, you might try grouping them together by color and stacking some flat. That way it won't have so much of the mishmash look that concerns you.

  16. Dear, Rebecca,-seing your name on my bloglist I went for a cup of tea, because I knew,it would be cosying up, in front of your wonderfull photoes--and it surely is...
    You are a decorator master, sweetie-it is visiting a place, where I can never stop looking,never stop finding-the one more beautifull vignet after the other-and so much inspiration-alwayes a new little spot, I did not catch the first time,looking--
    so fantastic,-all-----the window,is gorgeus!
    -Thankyou for having my heart ,in this beautifull spot, Rebecca.
    Much love--Dorthe

  17. So creative, and I bet working in that room brings out even more creativity in you. I will have to look more into the books on the wall, I really like that idea, the burlap on the walls, the paper wrapped book shelves. I could go on, I just love it all, it looks amazing and you should be very proud of your work space.

  18. My goodness sweet Rebecca....everything you touch turns to wonderfulness!!!! I'm so in love with the burlap on the walls! But when you add all of the amazing treasures you've gathered and then the Carol Bolton-ish books, everything looks just beautiful!!! I love it all and loved all the photos too :) I hope you are doing so good, hugs and love, Dawn

  19. OMGoodness! It's lovely! I could get tons of work done in there!

  20. WoW!! This room would be where I would live!! So feminine and beautiful. I love all the old mirrors, especially the palette shaped one and the old architectural items you have used. Just fabulous!! Thanks so much for inspiring us all!!

  21. This is so beautiful! I would love to have a computer room like this! Love it!

  22. oh, I am in heaven!!! you are soooo gifted, and can display treasures soooo beautifully!!!! I can just look at all your rooms over and over!!!

  23. I'm trying to soak it all in Rebecca. This will be a post I will have to visit many, many times. It's just as beautiful as I knew it would be!
    hugs from here...

  24. I so want to move in!!!!!!

    Adore everything! Annabelle >A_<

  25. How beautiful Rebecca! I love that book trick!

    Have a lovely weekend,

  26. Simply beautiful, love everything in your studio!

  27. Oh what an absolutely beautiful room!! I just love soo many things~ the bookcase is gorgeous, the chair, the accents...every detail is wonderful!! I could go on and on!!! Stopping by from Debra's today~ Following you along- nice to meet you!!! Stop by and say hello sometime! :)

  28. I've been anxiously awaiting this reveal!! It's is Wonderful . Until you get your books covered why not try something I've been seeing a lot of lately ... Just turn books around, instead of spin showing you see pages which normally are white-ish.

  29. You have created a wonderful refuge for yourself. Beautifully done! Your instincts are so right!

  30. Hi Rebecca

    I really enjoyed the tour and sure did pick up some new tricks. the Carol bolton one is very clever and I am going to start a button hanger to put on my heart you just sent me.

    Lovely, comfortable home.



  31. Well, if you gotta work...what a place to do it in! It's fabulous and I love that you are surrounded by friends and their love for you.

  32. What a great place to blog! I love all the little touches you gave it. Especially the hardware randomly placed everywhere! All of it is really, really, wonderful.

  33. I'm just amazed by all the talent out here... really inspiring. I'm kind of looking around my studio right now, scratching my head. But I know I'll get it there. I firmly believe that creativity comes not just from within, but by the inspiring things we put around us. Have a great day!

  34. Wow your photos are amazing, the space looks so warm and cozy. I love all your wonderful ideas I'm inspired!

  35. I love the room, love the wreath, love your background on your blog page! I came over from Common Ground and ended up joining as a follower! Hope you don't mind that I stopped, and am STAYIN! I really like the old springs idea. thanks for sharing! Sandi

  36. Love it all, thanks for sharing your ideas with us all. HUGS MARY

  37. Hi Rebecca...

    Ohhh my...I'm not sure what your computer room looked like before your redo...but it looks FABULOUS now!!! What a beautiful room, my friend! I spent quite awhile going through all of your beautiful photos...there are just sooo many pretties to see! Ohh yes...I could literally spend hours in this lovely room...just looking through all of your beautiful things!!! I love everything you did...this room has such a sweet ambiance!!! It looks like a secret little nook that you could just get lost in...a little getaway! How very perfect!!! Thank you sooo much for sharing it with us!!!

    Warmest wishes,
    Chari @Happy To Design

  38. wow!! Totally awesome. all of it!!
    You have the coolest old 'stuff'. =)

    thanks for sending the link to me.

    barbara jean


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