Wednesday, October 1, 2008


October 2008

I have to apologize for neglecting my journal, the summer has come and gone so quickly and I haven't logged any of it. I had a busy summer with family but no traveling this year. Just to Minnesota to see my folks and kids. I have two married daughters there with 2 adorable granddaughters, Sophie and Savannah, both 2 years old now. And the exciting news of another on the way, so Sophie will have a brother or sister. That will make 8 grandchildren for us and what a blessing they are.
Sophie and Savannah


The trips have been quite frequent lately as my father has been ill. He has been on dialysis now for 2 years and it has taken his tole at 83. He has developed throat cancer and has had a hard time eating - he is so thin now and weak. They are considering a feeding tube, we are hoping it will give him his strength back. The old German has a lot of spunk, comes from all that vinegar through the years...