Sunday, June 10, 2012

French Market

I hope everyone had a great weekend and you are enjoying the wonderful weather. Summer seems to have gotten off to an early  start this year and I am not complaining. I love it. I know you Texas gals probably don't agree with me however.  My hubby was in the Dallas area last week on business and sat at the airport for 4 hours delayed while the storms went through from the cold front that dropped your temps to a cool 92 degrees...
I myself had a lovely weekend... I went to Indiana to visit my good friend Donna
She is very busy with all the details of the event she produces at Horton's in Tipton, The French Market.  It is always fun and heart warming to visit the Jenkins household. Thank you so much for such a fun weekend. 

 I brought a load down for the market and to look at my space I will be selling in. It was good to see Karen and Tim Horton and their beautiful daughter Holly. This event just gets better and better each year and sooo much fun!
I have been working away in the studio making treasures to bring for this event. This year I am having so much fun with everything I am doing.  I am busy giving some things a new look...

Yes, I am trying Annie Sloan again... more on that later.

 The theme this year is The Heart of Provence so I have been working within a color palette of lavender, heather and gray.
My space will be in one of the green houses at Horton's, so I have decided to go with a Studio Apartment theme. 
Kind of  "Paris Atelier meets French Farmhouse".

Cool space... huh? I am going to have fun with this! 
In keeping with my theme and color palette, I have been painting.

I have fallen in love with this color palette... smokey heather and lavender with silver gray tones. I am thinking of redoing my bedroom in these colors now.
At the event many of us will be doing demonstrations and small classes on fun projects. I will have my easel set up and will be painting and I will also be doing a "make and take" project for an hour a day during the show.
Donna, bless her sweet heart thinks of every detail to make this not only a wonderful shopping experience but a day filled with the essence of France that takes you from small town America to the heart of France and all that it entails. 

We had so much fun sitting here each morning going over all the details of the show and bouncing ideas off each other. We are birds of a feather... Sunday morning we even were singing our favorite old hymns and praising God for such beauty. My favorite is, In the Garden and I'm Over Shadowed. What are yours?

She has the most beautiful gardens, it is her passion and it shows!
I so enjoyed having my coffee each morning while taking in all this.

Her infamous potting shed she calls "Tinker"

I took so many pictures, it was fun looking through the lens at all this beauty... enjoy!

Thanks so much for such a wonderful stay! 
Please visit Donna at A Life Reclaimed 
to get more info on Horton's French Market in Tipton IN.
Blessings to you!

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Good Morning!

Good Morning
Sharing a wonderful Native American singer with you this lovely
Wednesday morning. I am so blessed by his music...
I give you
Jim Felix

Blessings today

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Magnify Monday

Magnify Monday...
I received a most wonderful gift from my son last Christmas... 
a new camera.
 It is a Cannon Rebel... I still have it on automatic,
 (which I plan on changing soon -when I get the time to look into it)
 but... a most amazing gift came with it. The lens opened a new world for me, it opened the door to the details of my life that the Lord has given me.
 It took the hidden and magnified them as praise in my life to the Lord. It created in me a thankful heart.
 Now I have been taking pictures for years and I appreciated my snap and shoot but somehow this camera with it's long lens brings clarity into my life and with it some perspective of the most beautiful details of my life that I had been missing. With this camera I become part of the process... holding it to my eye and closing everything else out I become one with it and I see with a new perspective.
 I found with this new found clarity that thankfulness became joy in my life... my details that surround me, my everyday life turned to joy in the details. The life that I didn't take time to notice or ponder on for just a couple of seconds I see now. When I look through the lens I see a beautiful world in its most intimate setting, it is seeing with my spiritual eyes the life that surrounds me... my true reality. 
And so this Sunday morning as I sit here having my morning coffee on the patio enjoying the beautiful day I have before me... 
I grabbed my camera and saw through the lens a most beautiful world which transformed my already lovely morning into thankfulness and praise.
 It magnified the Lord!

It got me to thinking... Maybe there are others who would like to join me on this journey of capturing the details of life.  You don't have to have a great camera or be a photographer.
 I certainly am not. It is all about appreciating what surrounds you. It is just seeing through the lens of your own life.
Join me every Monday for a linked photo gathering.
Magnify Monday  

O magnify the Lord with me, and let us exalt his name together.
Psalm 34:3

Isn't this little guy amazing? 

Please join me every Monday starting June 11 for

Magnify Monday

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Blessings today!