Saturday, September 7, 2013

Annie Sloan... one more time

Summer is fading fast even though we still have warm temps here in the Midwest. 
The nights are cool and the days are getting shorter, autumn is fast approaching... my favorite time of year.
 I am always reluctant to say good bye to summer though, knowing fall passes by oh so quickly.
 I am trying to hold on to summer but it is hard when you have a great big old tree that insists on shedding its leaves in September. As I walk to the studio, leaves crunch beneath my flip flops and I can hear the chipmunks rustling in the leaves and with every wisp of breeze a new wave of leaves descend. 
Not to mention it is 6 pm and I need to turn the lights on in the house... 

These days you will find me in the studio or the garage depending on the time of day. Mornings are garage time before the sun comes around and heats up the driveway.
 I head to the studio when it gets too hot, it faces east and stays pretty cool, besides I have air in there. I am fervently trying to get ready for the
It is in the beginning of October and I have many projects going.
I am so excited to be a part of this great event and looking forward to seeing everyone and meeting new friends. 

I am having so much fun with the theme for my space and the color pallet. I am doing a Nature/Herbarium theme with a twist of apothecary. I have been drawing and using water colors for the first time and love it. 
Lots of birds, butterflies and shells!

 I've been putting nature studies together and using old books... 
lots of old books and journals.

 That's what I have been doing in the studio but the garage is a different story...
Hard work in the garage, fixing, painting, sorting...
My latest project has been an old chair that has lots of character but needed some work...
 ok, a lot of work.

So I drug out my Annie Sloan chalk paint. If you remember I had used Annie Sloan paint and did a post on it 
It still continues to be one of my most popular posts.
 I started thinking about how it claims to adhere to any surface (even plastic) and thought I would give it a shot on fabric. 

The fabric on this old chair had a great texture and it was in good condition but the color was off and it had some spots. Even more spots after I got through stripping the arm... should have covered that... 
So I thought what do I have to lose.
 I had to rebuild one of the arms and I stripped the wood. I taped off everything I didn't want Old White and I mixed Annie Sloan paint with water.
 I used about half and half ratio, maybe a little more paint. 

I used a small roller for the large area and a brush around the wood area. I put one coat on and let it dry overnight.

This is one coat.

After 24 hours I put the second coat on and let dry for 24 hours. I had planned on a third coat but honestly it didn't need it. I did touch up where needed and let dry...

I used Annie Sloan clear wax on the wood. And here it is...

It does not feel like paint, it feels like a stiff canvas. This chair had a heavy texture so it feels like the chair looks.

I have to say I am well pleased. In my initial post about the paint I wasn't all that impressed because I had been doing my own painting technique on furniture for years and I thought it was too expensive for what it did. But when you consider painting on fabric and cutting the paint in half, I have to say it was well worth my buck.

I will be bringing this chair to Tennessee, so if you have a mind come down and see me... I would love to see you!
Many Blessings