Thursday, April 29, 2010

Celebration Give Away...

Hello my bloggy friends, I am celebrating the opening of my BlogShop. It has been open a few days now and you have all been so kind with your comments and orders.  I am thrilled with your response - thank you, thank you. So in my small way to say
thank you and to spread the word -
it is time for a Give Away!

I am giving away a fabric collage...
 made to order, in other words it will be like this one only with your pictures and colors of your choosing. The winner can send me pictures of their kids or grandparents or parents or just photos they like and I will make it  personal for the winner.

But that's not all folks... because it is also the same week that my feature in Where Women Create is coming out, I am throwing in a copy of the May issue of Where Women Create signed by yours truly... woohoo!

Now, all you have to do is post about my new shop opening or put the button on your sidebar and link it to the shop and leave a comment telling me you did so.  Your name will be put into a hat and drawn on May 20th.  That's it... good luck and thank you so much for all your congratulations and wonderful comments. I am just so thrilled and grateful to be a part of all of this.
I hope all of you have a great weekend.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Many New Things Ahead...

I am so thrilled to tell you several new and exciting things!  I have my new copy of Where Women Create and I am thrilled to be in the May issue along with my good friend Karen Valentine and Elizabeth Maxson who I admire so much and is on the cover. 

It is a lovely issue and I want to tell you a bit about the process of how I came to be in such a wonderful magazine. Jo Packham the chief editor was looking in the Chicago area to photograph some places for WWC and I was recommended by KC Willis. She was kind enough to point out my blog to her and Jo emailed me and asked if she could shoot my shop and studio. I said no problem...  Jo, her assistant and Dana who did the photography came last July and spent the day with me. We instantly clicked and had so much fun laughing and talking. I felt at ease the minute they got here but before they came I spent day and night cleaning and rearranging the shop and my studio. I only had two weeks so nothing major was husband was thankful for that.
 I want to tell you that this is one of the rare magazines that truly encourages women in their art and business. Everything about each article is a true reflection of the artist. I chose the colors of my feature, the font, the pictures, the background and you can even write your own article if you wish to. I chose not to and I was interviewed by the lovely Sandra Evertson. I have met so many wonderful woman through this experience and I feel so grateful for having this opportunity to express myself. I have been truly blessed just by meeting and getting to know these lovely women associated with this great magazine. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Now I have an exciting announcement
I have been working with Karen at Valentine Design on a new BlogShop...

I have had my website all along but I wanted something where the pictures popped and it has the feel of a blog. I think it is more personal and more like walking into my shop. So tonight I am opening 

I will be putting new things up daily and I am still listing so there is more to come. And... a big give away to celebrate my new Shop opening!
Poor Karen has spent hours on the phone with me problem solving but she is terrific. All I had to do was give her some of my ideas and she put them into reality... and quickly I might add. She has the ability to read people and their style which is a rare talent.  
Thank you Karen for all your hard work and patience. 
If you want to freshen up your blog or design a new one please visit her new blog Valentine design you will be happy you did.
(Did that just sound like a paid announcement) ha 

Wishing you a great evening. Thanks so much for stopping by and I always love hearing from you!

Monday, April 19, 2010

Spring Comes to Vintage Living

Spring has arrived to the shop with a little Texas magic...
I couldn't wait to get back from Round Top and bring some of the inspiration from all the wonderful booths I saw to the shop. It is time to tear apart and tear down winter and do a little spring cleaning. Always a good feeling. Here is my little version of Texas in Illinois...

I hung this iron bed from the ceiling... now I wanted to do bed springs but couldn't find any around here.  If any of you have any around here, I'm still looking!
So any of you shop owners can appreciate this. My son was coming to help me hang things from the ceiling but not until the next evening and of course I got this idea...
and it couldn't wait, but I have 20' ceilings in the shop and I am short. So in order for me to hang things from the ceiling, I put the tall ladder on the counter...
 and if I stand on the top I can reach the ceiling to hang chandelier's and etc... but the iron bed was a challenge. 
So it is around 7 pm and I had left my doors open because it was warm in the shop and I am up on this ladder, that is up on the counter... struggling with this bed.   And a little old man comes in from his nightly walk... Hi there, you have a nice shop here... I say thank you.  He looks up at me and the ladder and says "do ya think you should be up there"... and then he procedes to tell me his story of how he watched his father die falling off a ladder when he was 19 years old. After what seemed an eternity,  he then turns to go and over his back says, don't fall off now...

Flowers made from pattern paper...

I like painting rabbits...

Music paper cones...

I bought this darling little heater from Rubarb Reign to display some jewelry. I just love it.

I have been working on a new Blog Shop with Karen at My Desert Cottage. I love the way it turned out, she did a fantastic job on it. I will be posting it this week.  I think you will like it!
Many blessings to you this week and as always I love to hear from you!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Goodbye to Texas

Well, this will be my last post on Texas... for awhile anyway. The whole experience has been a blast, right down to the blogging about it. But all good things must come to an end and I need to get into shop mode here pretty soon.
As promised I have my Magnolia Pearl experience to talk about and I have to tell you she was the bombdiggety. I loved her... and of course her booth wasn't all bad either.

Robin Brown and I... it was very kind of her to take time for us as she was so busy setting up her booth. She is very warm and friendly and I enjoyed her very much.

Her booth was over the top fabulous from the sign to the huge tree made from old papers in the middle of her booth that had burlap wrapped wire for vines reaching out all over the booth.

Jo in the vines

This huge bird made of lace with a light inside was at the top flying amongst the fabric wrapped letters spelling Magnolia Pearl

Setting up

Loved this couch, actually two of them covered in lace

Robin and John

Sandra Evertson, Robin Brown, Jo Packham and I... wait a minute did I dream this... nope that is me!

So, I have to tell you a cool thing that happened while I was standing in the WWC booth. I looked up and saw a familiar face standing next to me, I said, Melissa? And yes it was my old friend Melissa who had moved to Texas 8 years ago.  She had her shop down a block from mine for years and we had some good times together but she moved and got married and I heard through mutual friends about her occasionally.  Melissa now has 2 huge shops in Bandera called Gunslinger and Cowboy Caliente and is Robin's neighbor, so of course she and Robin are friends. We all got a kick out of that and said what a small world. Anyway it was so good to see you Melissa~

Melissa and I

I also promised to show you the booty I scored but most of it still is on route. But I did take a few pics of what I took on the plane with me. I have yards of heavy French linen coming and vintage French fabric, a fantastic wedding cake and a French mirror and...

I bought lots of MOP for jewelry

I love the clock face on this one

Lots of lace

Doll parts... don't ask


And so ends my dream trip to Round Top Texas and running with the Vips...but I still have my little reminders :)

Many blessings to all of you and thanks for coming along with me down Texas roads and leaving such kind comments along the way. I love hearing from you!