Thursday, March 29, 2012

Followers equals Fellowship and My Giveback

So how many times have you heard this statement in Blogland, "I have met so many new friends !"  And how many people have you told that to, and they look at you like you have just stepped off the planet!
I know my kids have, I will be talking about someone and they will say, "Oh is that one of your blog friends?" and with their fingers make quotation marks, as if it is all in my head and not a real friendship. Now I have been known to take off for a good road trip now and then to meet my blog friends and spend a few days at their gracious homes... with much concern from my girls, "Mom! You don't know these people, what if they are mass murder's or something."  Ask Debra, I plopped on her doorstep for three days! Bless her heart.

Now, if you read my blog on a regular basis you know one of my best peeps is this lovely lady... Donna

Whom I met through this blog and if you have read Fifi's new cookbook, The Romantic Prairie Cookbook ... you will know we get together frequently and cook together :) She is coming to stay for the weekend tomorrow and I am looking forward to visiting and of course shopping together.
 I have met so many other lovely souls that have become a part of my life. Whom I talk to regularly either by phone, fb, email or here on my blog. They have become part of my support system and God has blessed me with their love and wisdom.
For all this I am truly thankful. 
So, this give back I am offering seems so small compared to what I have truly gotten, not that I think friendship can be bought. But it is just a token, as in the Blogland tradition. So from the bottom of my heart, a big thank you to all of you... to those who have become a part of my life, to those I haven't had the pleasure of talking with but read my meanderings and to those who even leave comments along the way. 
I try to keep this as simple as possible, in order to have your name put in the random generator you must be a follower. That's it...
Just leave a comment and I will pick three winners on April 9th.

For the decor lover... a Spring burlap wreath

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Here are some samples...

Spring Lace Wreath

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Speaking of Easter I am also loading up my blogshop Vintage Living with Easter decor.

Spring metal garland

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Bunnies and more nests

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I want to also say I just posted on my other blog
The Love of God
I would love a visit there too!
Wishing you a lovely week, please leave a comment to enter the give away.
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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

An Unplanned Blessing


I have had another full week with my son's birthday, working in the studio, some yard work and going through stuff (more on that later).
But it is all about the details of our lives that count the most. I have been truly concentrating on the small wonders that God blesses us with. To really be faithful and aware of the smallest of blessings. The warmth of the sun now, the smell of the earth in spring, the chatter of the birds, that have been silenced by winter, the rebirth of nature in all it's splendor. 

...And then there are the bigger blessings that humble you and bring tears to your eyes because you are overwhelmed by the precious gift you have been given. 
This is my blessing I am celebrating this week, my only son, a son that I couldn't have asked better for, a son that God has blessed with kindness of heart and a happy soul that still loves to be a boy, yet successful as a man...who loves life at forty one. 

Such things, fills a mother's heart to overflowing. 

I really wasn't planning on writing this today... but as you will see most unplanned blessings turn out to be the best. This is what is on my heart right now so here goes...

My son was born to a very young me. I had married my high school sweet heart a year after graduation. We enjoyed a nice little house in the suburbs and at the age of 20, I had two daughters, 2 1/2 years apart and fell into motherhood with a natural ease. 
After the birth of my first child Jody, I absolutely fell in love with her and while pregnant with my second daughter Kerri, I worried... how could I love another as much as I do my first. Well, as many of you know that was a foolish worry but I was young.

 I felt that my family was complete, at least for awhile. I had been under the care of a wonderful doctor but back in 1970 we were still in the general thinking that doctors knew everything and what they said was written in stone. And they practiced that thought.
 My doctor had recommended the use of an IUD for contraceptive. Without explaining a thing or me knowing what it was or even time to ask anyone he inserted the coil. I was in pain for a week and was told not to be a baby by the nurse. I did not have any idea how the IUD functioned and because it was a new product no one else I knew did either.  Remember there was no Internet then! But there was really no reason to be concerned, if one is totally ignorant of something. 

At the time Roe vs Wade was a big issue and I had been involved in it quite heavily. This subject is still a hot spot and I do not judge. I only can be mindful of my own convictions - no one else.  And if I would have known that the IUD cast off the fertilized egg, I would have chosen another route. 
But God is always with me and knows what is best for me, even when I am blind. Three months after the birth of my second daughter, I started getting sick. The doctor had told me if the IUD gets misplaced I could have the symptoms of pregnancy. So with my mother, I went to the doctors to see if it had moved. I remember lying on the table when the doctor said "no, it is still in place" and how relieved I was for fear of more pain but then came the words I wasn't expecting... "but your pregnant".  I started to cry. 
This was too much for a naive twenty year old. When I got into the car still crying, my wise mother looked at me and said, "you have two choices. You can cry and feel sorry for yourself and make this hard on you and the baby or you can accept this right now and thank God for this pregnancy."  I chose the latter.
I had a normal pregnancy even with selling the house moving to a farm that eventually was condemned and moving again, just before baby was to be born. During this time my husband had been laid off work so money was tight. We had gotten a small apartment and he was called back to work but we had lost everything to a swindled deal with the farm (which is a story in itself).
We were going to my father's charismatic nondenominational church called Compassion Christian Center. In that church there were visiting ministers and prophets that would speak. At one of these meetings one of the evangelists called me to him and told me the Lord had laid me on his heart and that the Lord said, the child I was carrying was a boy and that the Lord had his hand on him and was going to use him in a mighty way. 
This was before ultrasounds... I took this from the Lord and planned on a boy. 

At full term I went into the hospital to have my third child.
James Gustav was born without complications and was a strong healthy 7 pound boy. They took him away and started working on me, no IUD was found. It was to be in the afterbirth, the doctor said I needed a D&C,  so I signed the papers and off to surgery I went... only to awake with pain I can't describe. Abdominal surgery was required as the IUD had perforated the uterus while I was pregnant and as it swelled the IUD went through into my intestines and embedded there. 
The IUD had been inserted wrong, into the cervix and hadn't been affective, therefore my pregnancy. It never worked, I was so relieved! 

Now as I was coming to my senses from surgery there was a commotion on the floor, there were other doctors at the desk asking to see the "miracle baby".  Miracle baby?  Doctor's usually don't use that term. My doctor came in that evening and was excited, they had every doctor on the floor examining James and they have never seen a healthier baby... his muscle tone, his lungs... he went on to explain that carrying a full term baby under those conditions, was close to impossible. And to have such a healthy child was even more amazing... oh and by the way, we took out your appendix while we were in there, it was twice it's size and inflamed.

I went on to have 3 more lovely girls in time. But only one son, my only son. Not that I love him anymore than my lovelies but I thank God, for He has carried all my burdens and watched over me in my ignorance and has blessed me so... that I am Overwhelmed and Over Shadowed by His Mighty Love.



Kerri and Jody


This has gotten to be a longer post than I planned, so I will be posting this week on a give back.
 I have reached 1000 followers and have some gifts I would like to give. Come back!
Blessings All

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Vintage Market

I know most of you have been as busy as I have these last couple of weeks. Spring shows abound from workshops to antique shows. It is a fun time of year and the weather here in Chicago has been near perfect. If anything it has been a little warm... dare I even say that. Everything is in bloom here and the air coming through my kitchen window this evening is sheer heaven. How I love this time of year. I hope all of you are enjoying yourself in whatever you are doing. 
I was fortunate enough to be involved in
The Vintage Market
at the lovely home of Steve and Polly. There were twelve of us selling our wares and I have to tell you what a bunch of wonderful gals they are. Everyone worked together so well and we had such a good time together. I really enjoyed everything about this event.
 There really was a great turn out,  the weather was perfect so I think that just added the crowning glory to this wonderful time.
I just want to say a great big thank you to Steve and Polly!
I took a lot of pictures so enjoy... 

Karen did such a great job with the food tent and was so good about feeding us all... thank you so much!

The gals Jude and Anne behind the counter were awesome and handled the crowds so well... and at the end of it all, no discrepancies. Talk about good under pressure. 

Nancy of Second Hand Rose  
Such a sweetheart...

Sunny with a chance of burlap and lace...

Polly,  Kim, Jeanine and Jen

 Polly's pink stove!

Ryan Steve hard at work...

Such a lovely bunch of women... working, sharing and edifying each other all weekend. God certainly hand picked this bunch!

And Steve was kept on the run...

Just a note to say thank you to all that follow my blog... it has been so wonderful getting to know you. I am sorry I haven't been able to get around and leave comments as much as I would like. I do however peek in on you when I get a spare moment.
 Look for my give away later in the week...
I have hit a 1000 followers and I would like to say thank you!

Linking up today with my friend Debra at Common Ground for her Vintage Inspiration Friday

Many Blessings