Tuesday, November 29, 2011

It's beginning to look a little like Chirstmas


I am linking with Kathleen at Faded Charm for White Wednesday, it seems I am hardly on my blog anymore... let alone visiting all of you. 
 I plan on slowing way down this winter and hopefully I can get caught up on blogland. 

I have one more show this weekend, actually I am in 2 shows at the same time. I will be physically at Kane County Market this Saturday and Sunday. 
I also have a corner at Horton's in Tipton, Indiana and will be participating in their 
Artisan Christmas Market
Saturday, December 3
9am to 6pm
Please join Karen and Tim for Christmas inspiration 

I have been working in the studio getting ready for the Kane County Market. These tags or ornaments are so simple and I guess that is why I like them. They will look great on a package wrapped in kraft paper.

They are made with old ledger paper and prayer cards affixed on cardstock backing and embellished with boxwood . 

I have been slowly bringing in a little Christmas the last couple of days, I decorate each day. Even up to a couple of days before Christmas even though we are not here. I leave the decorations up through January. 
We have a fresh tree and that goes down on New Years day though.


I love greens and tallow berry. 
I don't take anything out, I just add to it. My collections look great with Christmas. 

I just love puttering and making each room festive yet - 
I keep it pretty simple.

I love the mixed greens. I usually get a case of it and put it all over the house. I also use seeded eucalyptus and boxwood with pepper berry sometimes.

They dry beautifully, so I can keep them throughout the winter.

I hope you are having a fun week and I look forward to getting around after this week. 
Can't wait to see all your decorating ideas!

Friday, November 25, 2011

Our Thanksgiving 2011

It is the morning after Thanksgiving day and the house is just waking, I can hear the kids playing upstairs and soon they will make it down to the kitchen. I am thankful...

Thanksgiving day is hectic here. 
Me, I am pretty much in the kitchen all day. We have a late Thanksgiving dinner, not by choice, some of my family cannot make it here until 5. Right at crunch time. My kitchen is not set up well, so there can only be so many people helping and only 1 or 2 people by the cooking area. That means... stay out of my way :)
With 5 girls... I have more help than I need but with 5 girls they have there own agenda.
Here they are at crunch time... you know that stressful time when the gravy needs to be stirred, food needs to be on the table and the turkey is being sliced... because it all gets cold fast!

Yes, they thought a Snow White photo shoot was necessary... never a dull moment here!

Notice I'm not laughing...

But mom lets them have their fun... just stay out of my way!

Let's back up a few hours and see how the day progressed...

It just wouldn't be fun without a make-up session

Now it's Maddies turn...

Ooooh sooo pretty!

Ice Princess... Sophia

Fairy Princess... Savannah

and Maddie is Maddie

Kids Having fun

Including big kids...

Dinner Table

Dinner Time

Praying for what we are thankful for...

After Dinner... the kids did dishes

Poor Nik got stuck with taking the meat off the bone.

TV room

and I will leave you with desert

I hope your day was filled with laughter, family, love and thankfulness as was mine.
Wishing all of you a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend.
I am so thankful for all of you.