Thursday, October 27, 2011

Events... and A Blogger Party

Happy Thursday evening... middle of the week and I don't know where the first part of it went. But I am happy and thankful for being able to do as much as I do. 
It has been a good week and I expect it to continue. I love Autumn... I love it a little warmer though, it has been cloudy and damp here in Chicago this past week.
 But the trees are beautiful and I am enjoying them because soon they will be bare. I really love the change of seasons, I just wish winter wasn't so long here in the Midwest. 
This time of year brings so much anticipation and preparation for the holidays ahead. It is so much fun. 

I am working steadily in my studio now, as countdown is here for the shows I will be doing. 
And I am trying to get etsy up and running which I haven't been able to do as yet or my blog shop. But I will be loading it soon. I also am still planning on doing a few workshops but they will be late November and December.
Today I want to invite all of you to a party! I am so excited...
I will be participating in

I not only will be setting up a small space at the event and bringing my Christmas wares but I am also going to leave it up all through the holiday season. Karen and Donna were nice enough to invite me to stay and have a sample of Vintage Living in Horton's.
This event was so much fun last year and I am looking forward to it this year... 
So much in fact that I decided to throw a party...
A Blogger Party
In my space, during the open house...

Please come and help us celebrate this wonderful Christmas season. Donna and I are putting together a little gift for all of you, in appreciation of all the support and fun we have had this year blogging with all of you. There will also be a drawing for a special Vintage Christmas gift.  This is for you followers too! Just mention the blog when you see me, you don't have to have a blog to come!
There will be treats, gifts and plenty of laughter...
Come be inspired!
A Blogger's Vintage Christmas 2011

Here is just a sampling of what I am working on for the event.

Hand dyed velvet flowered bracelets.

Knitted and Burlap Stockings

And I will leave you with a few wonderful images of last year's event. They speak for themselves...
The Horton's know how to throw an event... 
they have a little angel in their pocket and her name is

I am linking up with Debra at Common Ground
for her Vintage Inspiration Friday...
 I haven't been able to do that in awhile and she is such a love...

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Tucked in My Studio

I want to thank everyone who left comments on my last post, they were all very kind and as always full of encouragement. I am trying to get around to all of you to see what you are up to. 
This will be the beginning of many studio posts, now that I have my studio back.  I am getting into the swing of the holidays that are fast approaching.  The weather has turned this week and the beautiful fall weather has left. But I am Happy as a lark tucked in my studio playing...
I did a post on my The Love of God  blog called  
if you get a chance please visit me there!

I had a rather large order of tea dyed flowers to make this week, so I made extra. They are available in my blog shop. Here.
I will be adding new holiday items next week.

I also filled an order of Tattered Flowers and made extra... I think they look good on a star ...

or a stocking, don't you?

I am making an assortment of stockings with vintage velvet's, French linen and of course burlap.

These roses are going on some wreath's

Here are some finished linen stockings

I have started making stars... my best seller actually. I have been making these for 15 Christmas's now...

Here are some random shots of baubles ready to be made into something for someone...

I will be joining the Horton's for their A Very Vintage Christmas show in Tipton, IN,
in November. I will talk more on that later.
 But before that I will be at the Kane County Fleamarket the first weekend in November.

I am also getting my Christmas workshops together and will be posting the schedule for November and December next week. I would love it if you could join me in my new studio. 

For you who live out of town 
I have a special place for you to stay...

Come Play with me and...

Be Inspired...

I am linking up with Debra at Common Ground for her 
Friday Vintage Inspiration party and Feathered Nest Fridays!


Saturday, October 15, 2011

Studio Redo: Finally Finished!

Well, it has only taken me 3 months to get to this post but I am happy to say the tent is gone and the studio is ready for business or at least creating.
 It was quite an ordeal but wind, rain and collapsing tent didn't stop me... I had damage control but it is what it is.
 I am just happy to have my studio back. 
Just a quick recap... here the before pictures. 
This post was the way the studio looked when WWC shot it for the magazine...  But then it was used for storage after I closed the shop. I had my shop studio and I needed to move all that into this space, so until I could organize, it was used for storage. 
To organize all this stuff I needed to move everything out, so hence the tent. I moved most of the contents to the garage and a tent I put up in the back yard.  Needless to say, it took longer than I anticipated.  
New paint, new flooring and a new look!
 I am happy with it...

Warning: there are a lot of pictures here!
 So you might want to go get a cup of coffee or a glass of wine depending on the time of day.

Are you getting bored yet?
 I should really make two posts out of this... but lately it has been hard to post with all that is going on.

Some bracelets I am working on...

Hand dyed velvet roses with chain


Thanks for sticking with me, sorry this got so long.
Wishing you all a good week and hopefully I can visit you this week. I have been missing all of you.