Saturday, November 22, 2008

Tribute to my dad

November -2008

We are always planning and hoping things come out well in the end... I am a firm believer in all things work together for the good. But sometimes it is hard to see the good in some things that are, that is where faith becomes vital to keep us in that place of peace. My father went to be with his Heavenly Father November 18. He suffered much this past year and that was hard to watch...I have faith that there was a purpose for that, I am not saying I understand it but I trust that all things (not just some things or the good things) work for good that love the Lord. He was a loving father and I am grateful for the privilege of being his daughter...that is funny considering how much we didn't get along when I lived at home...we were too much alike my mother would say. Yes, I am afraid I gave him a run for his money and he wasn't the perfect father but he was mine. He was actually quite remarkable...gave up an art careerer and went into the ministry by faith, started his own non-denominational church and counseling. He received his Dr.s degree at the age of 72. He was the most talented man I have ever met, there really wasn't anything he couldn't do...he painted beautifully, he wrote a couple of books, sang like a bird and could play any instrument he picked up. We have kept his website up where you can get his literature: When I was growing up his art studio was at home so I grew up with the sweet smell of turpentine and I loved playing at the drawing board with all the paint brushes.As a boy he loved the story of Tom Sawyer and had a crush on the character Becky Ann and so I was named Becky Ann. I am grateful for the full life he gave to us and he will always continue to be my hero....I love you, dad.


Becky Ann