Saturday, July 31, 2010

Thank You...

I just want to say thank you so much for all your encouragement and loving comments. I am doing well but very busy with closing the shop.  I so appreciate each and every one of you and I wish I could visit all of you, but I am working long hours and running my tail off right now. I will try to visit all of you when the dust settles but until then I will need a small blogging break but I will be back and do not plan on giving up blogging. This has been so rewarding and just so much fun. I love the friends I have made here and have no intention of disappearing.
 I am in the middle of selling off the shop and trying to get ready for the Creative Connection in September. Hopefully I will be able to close my doors to the shop in a couple of weeks and I will be able to get back to some normalcy.
I am going to leave you with some of my favorite pictures of times in the shop.

My Shop Girls... I hope they remember the fun we had together in the shop!
Blessings to all of you

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Vintage Living... Closing

Vintage Living is closing...

 it's doors after a great run these past few years.  I have enjoyed this shop more than any other I have had in the last 20 years but it is time for this shop-girl to say good-bye.  Times are hard and the small brick and mortar has been hit hard right now.  I have to tell you - I don't know where it is headed and for that reason, I don't have a vision and without vision it is time to do something else. Something will come...
I am trusting the Lord for a new vision, He is my pilot and I know good things will come. My first love is sharing how good the Lord is and my second love is my art. ( I am talking about things I do... not people) So with that in mind, the Lord has opened up some doors that are very exciting for me. I will keep you posted.

Since I am not opening or moving the shop I am selling off all my antique display cases. This cuts a little deeper as I have had them for years and I am rather fond of them. All new merchandise is 50% off right now and I am wheel'in and deal'in on the antiques. So if you are in the area stop on in!

These are the last of the photo's of the shop... it has been torn apart and I am selling it off little by little. These are the displays that are left, somewhat. After this week hopefully I will have sold quite a bit of it off.

I allowed myself a little time to feel sorry and then it was time to get to work... once I tore apart the displays I really liked, my heart was no longer in it and it has been easier to let it go.

 If anyone knows of someone that might be interested in this fabulous counter, I would love to sell it. It came out of a Michigan hotel built in 1800, it was the front lobby desk. It is 17' long with the original paint.

Nice old farm table, old paint.

If you see anything you are interested in - please email me and I can give you prices.

Now I just want to take a little time to thank the many customers who have supported me through thick and thin and have followed my many stores! You are not only customers but you have become true friends and I have so loved  sharing your life. We have laughed, cried, celebrated and solved the worlds problems together and I  loved all of it and will miss that the most.
 I also want to apologize to anyone that has seen the WWC article and are planning on coming to visit, I plan on being closed by mid August if not sooner.

This is not the end but a new beginning for me, I am expecting new and better things ahead.
Many Blessings

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Friends and Horton's Secret

As promised this is my second post on the French Flea Market in Tipton Indiana that I had the pleasure of participating in. 
I met so many lovely people and made new friends, which made it all worth while... even fighting the flying tent! 
I would like you to meet my new friends and see the other creative vendors.

You all know Donna from DReynes  but this is her buddy Pattie. She is a sweetheart, she worked Donna's tent, while Donna ran around keeping everyone happy.

Donna not only headed up this whole shindig but also put up a wonderful display and had her handmade creations for all to enjoy. She sews beautifully (I snagged one of her beautiful linen ruffled purses) and she made these great and funky chandeliers. 

I loved these!

Her book page wreathes

Another chandelier made from a French bottle rack...

 Her wonderful purses...

She also brought in flowers from her beautiful garden, to sell at the fresh flower market

This is my new friend Alee she has a great blog called Damask Designs, you probably already know about it but if you don't hop on over and visit her.  You will enjoy it...
She and her sisters "the shop girls" have a wonderful shop also called Damask Designs.
Here are some pictures of their treasures...

Are they not the most beautiful faces you've seen! 
(Amber, I told you this wouldn't look staged)
this turned out cute!

Here are some other vendors for you to enjoy.

Karen and Shannon's booth, they make fabulous banners and love stamping.  They have a place at Logan Street Village Shoppes.

Now as promised I am going to let you in on a little secret... Horton's  Secret... 

No, Horton's is not just any old Who
Hardware store... it has a secret and yes, it is all about the Secret Garden but the true secret behind Horton's is Donna. She puts all this together, her big girl job is Design Coordinator for this huge store. Let me show you a little of Donna's magic.

This is out of a chicken coop

And yes, Donna made the umbrella out of lace pieces...

Are you amazed yet? And if this isn't enough... when Donna is not doing French Flea Markets and Secret Gardens
She is renovating a two story house with her crazy husband and I mean they are doing it all. She is doing the drywall right now and hubby is making all the cabinets for the kitchen! 
Plus she keeps a gorgeous garden and they are building a cute garden house out of old doors ... I love this gal but she is kill'in me!  Ha! just kidding... well kinda :)
I hope you enjoyed my weekend and all the fun... please go over and visit my new friends and say hi from me!
Many Blessings