Sunday, January 31, 2010

Some Great Stuff Out There

Hello, I hope all of you are staying warm these days and are getting all those projects you have been putting off done. I myself, have been on the computer more lately, especially after I didn't have one for some time. It is a good time to catch up on whats going on in the land of Blog and take advantage of some really great stuff out there.

One especially, I have been involved with is KC Willis's new video series, Marketing Mindset. If you are marketing your artwork in any form or you are in business or thinking of - this series is for you! KC is in galleries and stores accross the nation and has been published in  books and in the media, she has set up a website to help you do the same. The first video is out and I found it to be invaluable and done very well, easily understood concepts and in an interesting format.  The series also gives you access to her personal advice and questions you might have. She is a delightful warm and funny person with a huge heart. I took her art retreat last October and immediately connected with this lovely down to earth woman.
I cannot recommend this more, it has been money well spent so far and it is just the beginning, so hop on board!

KC is also offering a great give-away on her blog. She is giving you the choice of these two wonderful gifts! Please check out her blog also.  

One World, One Heart... One day.

I hope you enjoy your Sunday and please check out my new blog on my sidebar  "The Love of God."
As always I enjoy you and your comments.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Welcome to White Wednesday

Hello and welcome to another white Wednesday hosted by Kathleen at Faded Charm... I believe this is number 32 for Kathleen and bless her sweet heart she has been hosting this for almost a year now. Please drop by Faded Charm to say hello and look at all the wonderful white posts she has listed.

Last white Wednesday I was in the shop showing you some lighting with somewhat of a creative touch to it. This week I am in my home looking at old lighting, since I have no new lighting other than the track and utility lights. These are some of my favorite lamps and chandeliers in different parts of the house.
I was going to show some creative lighting or lighting I created out of odd pieces I collected but I will save that for another post, this got long enough.

This French piece is one of my favorites, it is made of plaster and horsehair and is quite large. It a cream color with hints of gray blue and hints of faded pink. It hangs in my living room.

This French crystal beaded chandelier has pink drops and glass drop flowers. The pink glass is harder to find because it is made with gold such as the cobalt is made with silver. I had two sconces to match this beauty but alas I sold them...the rent was due :( This hangs in the front hallway.

Another favorite chandelier is hanging in the kitchen, it is a nice old Italian tole with porcelain roses, I like the shape of this one and the old white paint.

This is another old Italian tole chandelier that hangs in the family room

A few lamps around the house with white linen shades, this one is a large alabaster.

Italian tole

Another alabaster with crocheted lamp shade and lace

This is a Italian wall chandelier with glass balls, it is on the wall in my dining room, I especially love the old linen shades from England.

This is a large Venetian candle chandelier that hangs over the dining room table. It is white with gold trim. I bought this chandelier in a box all taken apart with parts broken, the flowers which were to come out of the center were broken and one arm. The dealer who had it shipped from France sold it to me for $200 she had gotten insurance on it and just wanted to get rid of it. I thought I could use the parts and maybe get a lamp out of it. It sat in my garage for a year and one day I decided to play with it. I started putting it together and to my surprise all the parts were there and the broken ones were insignificant. It is a nice old beauty.

This crystal chandelier with macaroni beads hangs in my dressing room. It is a nice old one.

Another bedroom chandelier

and the upstairs hallway

Well that's enough lighting for awhile, I will post again on lighting at another time. I like lighting, these happen to be on the more dressy side but I like the rustic and funky stuff too. I will post my more creative lighting another time. Thank you so much for stopping by. I always appreciate your comments and I hope you have a wonderful white Wednesday!
Thank you Kathleen!

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Calling All Artists

Calling all artists to donate your artwork to help the people of Haiti..

Rebecca Sower wonderful fabric artist, just got back from Haiti 2 days before the quake. Her visit there is documented on her website and it is a heart warming journey.

She now is trying to help the lovely people she met there during this heartbreaking time, and has set up an etsy shop for them. All proceeds go directly to them. She is calling for art donations to sell on this etsy shop called Haiti By Hand. Please visit her blog and find out how you can help. If we each contribute no matter how small we can and will make a difference. She has posted different ways you can donate, if you feel you can't make something you can contribute just by digging in your craft stash.

Read about this woman's struggles on Rebecca's blog

I am working on "A Woman's Strength" series of pillows to donate to the Haiti By Hand etsy shop. These pillows depict women of the turn of the century who shaped our world by their strength and tenacity.

Thank you so much, we are so blessed in this beautiful Country of ours and I thank the Lord every day for His mercies on us as a Nation under God. Help us bless others.
Thank you so much for your generocity



Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Welcome White Wednesday

Welcome to White Wednesday hosted by Kathleen at Faded Charm. It is good to be back on WW! I have had computer issues so I bit the bullet and bought a new laptop, my pc still isn't working but I will deal with that later... I am happy with my new little friend. Please join Kathleen and the other gals listed for White Wednesday and enjoy whites as you have never seen them.

This Wednesday I am featuring lighting. I happen to love doesn't matter what kind, lamps, chandeliers, fixtures I love it all. I also like to futts with it, change it up a little or even make it out of different pieces of found objects. I will put different items together and hang a bulb on it. For this Wednesday I will show you lighting I have in the shop that is for sale, next Wednesday I will show you my home lighting and some of the lights I made out of found objects.

This first lighting is a garden candle chandelier that I hung up for the window display. I dressed it for winter by hanging white lights on it with sparkling snowflakes and paper garland.

This next chandelier I covered in vintage linen and lace

This is a marriage of a small crystal chandelier on the inside and a large old lamp frame that I covered with silk lace taken from a dress.

Even utilitarian lighting is wonderful...these are in my studio and I think they are rather cool.

Here is an old iron chandelier that just needed something extra! I hung just about everything except the kitchen sink on it...

Old hardware, watches and parts, charms I made, keys, old house numbers, crystals, beads, hooks.....

Crystal chandelier I hung tulle and sparkling snowflakes for a wintery theme

French don't mess with perfection!

It is hanging from an old lamp stand

Beaded Chandelier

Old Italian tole chandeliers

This one is made of linen and old fabric to make the world

Old wicker

And if nothing else, just make up your own lighting with wonderful tiny white lights!

Even a window can become a chandelier...

That's it for this White Wednesday! I hope this finds all of you well and staying warm. It is that time of year now when we all just snuggle up in our favorite chair with a hot cup of tea and enjoy our homes. If you are like me I get all comfortable with my cup of tea in one hand and my favorite magazine in the other and... start to look around the room... hmmm, that really needs to be painted... that should be moved over there, oh and if I did that I could....

Many Blessings