Thursday, February 13, 2014

Winter Windows


As I sit here by the fireplace warm and relaxed as I've done many nights this winter listening to the wind and snow outside my window, I think of those that are not so blessed.

I have just returned from South Dakota, where winds sweep the prairie and leave frosted images in the windows of my mind.

Driving from Chicago to the Black Hills of South Dakota gives me time to settle in with my thoughts and tune them to the same frequency of the Holy Spirit... to listen and hear that still small voice inside... to see with the eyes of my heart to what God is revealing to my spirit.
To see the stark beauty that the miles reveal. 

I know my mission... to love, support, encourage and bring warmth to those that God blesses me with.

This cold extreme winter has brought more hardship to the Lakota on the Pine Ridge Reservation, they run low on basic needs... and warmth is a luxury. Wood and propane have been exhausted and there is still a long winter ahead.
 I bring so little...

But my God is a God that multiplies and He blesses the effort. 
He is my increase and my portion. In Him I trust.

He loves the Lakota and has sent such beautiful people to love them through Him. They are there to bring His love to a forgotten people... forgotten in many minds but not in the mind of God. 
Jehovah-Shammah, The Lord is There... Ever Present.

KC Willis is faithful and dedicated to the Lakota people and follows the heart of God. 
Please follow her journey and help when you can.

Beauty through winter windows...

If you love me, feed my sheep... John 21:17