Monday, December 1, 2008

Christmas 2008

Merry Christmas 2008

Christmas came a little late to the shop this year but considering everything that has been happening in the last few months I am grateful it got there at all. Thanks to my friends and family - thank you to my dear friend Joan who took over the shop while I was with my family in Minnesota, it was such a relief to know the shop was in good hands while I was gone. I was so worried about the urns in front not being decorated for the Glen Ellyn Christmas walk the day after Thanksgiving and Joan as memorial flowers for dad filled them with beautiful greens and white branches, they look wonderful. My son James, came over night after night after work and helped me hang Christmas in the shop so it would be ready for the festivities. Thank you James. Here is some of our handiwork, enjoy!I have been working on the little Paris shop display and it is comingng but not finished yet...we did dress it up a little for Christmas are some pics.

Paris Display

The restaurant in Paris that I was my inspiration

My son James did such a great job on the shelves! He hasn't done much woodwork and he is great at it.

We are so lucky to have Dee Gann's Santas each year and she is such a precious soul...

The girls did such a great job this year with all the lovely hadmade treasures they brought to our Christmas Open House. Thank you Betty, Judy, Dee, Anne and Jody. Here are some pictures of the wonderful handmade treasures we have in the shop -- vintage fabric pillows, stockings, stars and wreaths along with a wide variety of paper collage and ornaments...

Here are some wonderful wool hearts and wreaths made by Judy Walsberg

Don't you just love it!

Pillows, angels and stockings are made by Jody Myers

and banners by me, which we do offer classes each year to make all this great stuff.

Wonderful angels by Anne of Annegelina

Wishing you all Gods grace and love this Christmas season.