Thursday, October 18, 2007

House Walk

Historic House Walk 2007

Entrance to the front of the house

So I agreed to do the Historic House Walk because I live in one of the oldest houses built in 1860 in our little river town. It once was a great old gal but time has stripped her of her grandeur or I should say people have. And just opening a new business I thought I could use the exposure. I just needed to redecorate the back bedroom and clean out my studio as it would be open to the public also. Yeah right, like anything else this project grew much bigger than I had anticipated. But it was stuff that needed to be done and I work well under presure or so people tell husband might differ. Anyway I got the old gal looking pretty good and here are some pictures to share with you.

This is the dining room


Back porch off kitchen

Here are some before and after pictures of the back bedroom...I didn't count on having to strip all the paint off the walls and taking the
wallpaper off in postage stamp size pieces.


Studio in back yard...

Potting shed made from the old garage.

I lost most of my pictures of the walk to a computer that ate them... the rest of the house is not available. But enough is enough anyway.

Thanks and many blessings