Monday, December 1, 2008

Christmas 2008

Merry Christmas 2008

Christmas came a little late to the shop this year but considering everything that has been happening in the last few months I am grateful it got there at all. Thanks to my friends and family - thank you to my dear friend Joan who took over the shop while I was with my family in Minnesota, it was such a relief to know the shop was in good hands while I was gone. I was so worried about the urns in front not being decorated for the Glen Ellyn Christmas walk the day after Thanksgiving and Joan as memorial flowers for dad filled them with beautiful greens and white branches, they look wonderful. My son James, came over night after night after work and helped me hang Christmas in the shop so it would be ready for the festivities. Thank you James. Here is some of our handiwork, enjoy!I have been working on the little Paris shop display and it is comingng but not finished yet...we did dress it up a little for Christmas are some pics.

Paris Display

The restaurant in Paris that I was my inspiration

My son James did such a great job on the shelves! He hasn't done much woodwork and he is great at it.

We are so lucky to have Dee Gann's Santas each year and she is such a precious soul...

The girls did such a great job this year with all the lovely hadmade treasures they brought to our Christmas Open House. Thank you Betty, Judy, Dee, Anne and Jody. Here are some pictures of the wonderful handmade treasures we have in the shop -- vintage fabric pillows, stockings, stars and wreaths along with a wide variety of paper collage and ornaments...

Here are some wonderful wool hearts and wreaths made by Judy Walsberg

Don't you just love it!

Pillows, angels and stockings are made by Jody Myers

and banners by me, which we do offer classes each year to make all this great stuff.

Wonderful angels by Anne of Annegelina

Wishing you all Gods grace and love this Christmas season.



Saturday, November 22, 2008

Tribute to my dad

November -2008

We are always planning and hoping things come out well in the end... I am a firm believer in all things work together for the good. But sometimes it is hard to see the good in some things that are, that is where faith becomes vital to keep us in that place of peace. My father went to be with his Heavenly Father November 18. He suffered much this past year and that was hard to watch...I have faith that there was a purpose for that, I am not saying I understand it but I trust that all things (not just some things or the good things) work for good that love the Lord. He was a loving father and I am grateful for the privilege of being his daughter...that is funny considering how much we didn't get along when I lived at home...we were too much alike my mother would say. Yes, I am afraid I gave him a run for his money and he wasn't the perfect father but he was mine. He was actually quite remarkable...gave up an art careerer and went into the ministry by faith, started his own non-denominational church and counseling. He received his Dr.s degree at the age of 72. He was the most talented man I have ever met, there really wasn't anything he couldn't do...he painted beautifully, he wrote a couple of books, sang like a bird and could play any instrument he picked up. We have kept his website up where you can get his literature: When I was growing up his art studio was at home so I grew up with the sweet smell of turpentine and I loved playing at the drawing board with all the paint brushes.As a boy he loved the story of Tom Sawyer and had a crush on the character Becky Ann and so I was named Becky Ann. I am grateful for the full life he gave to us and he will always continue to be my hero....I love you, dad.


Becky Ann

Wednesday, October 1, 2008


October 2008

I have to apologize for neglecting my journal, the summer has come and gone so quickly and I haven't logged any of it. I had a busy summer with family but no traveling this year. Just to Minnesota to see my folks and kids. I have two married daughters there with 2 adorable granddaughters, Sophie and Savannah, both 2 years old now. And the exciting news of another on the way, so Sophie will have a brother or sister. That will make 8 grandchildren for us and what a blessing they are.
Sophie and Savannah


The trips have been quite frequent lately as my father has been ill. He has been on dialysis now for 2 years and it has taken his tole at 83. He has developed throat cancer and has had a hard time eating - he is so thin now and weak. They are considering a feeding tube, we are hoping it will give him his strength back. The old German has a lot of spunk, comes from all that vinegar through the years...


Sunday, June 1, 2008

Bridal Cake Toppers-some of my favorite things

June 2008

June is here and along with it warm weather...finally. It is ironic that a Minnesota girl has such a hard time with the cold! I much rather have it sunny and warm. The shop has been busy and with it my many projects. The biggest project is the bridal display, it is up and it looks soooo good...I love white and cream, I brought in some bridal cake toppers and head pieces out of my collection (they are for sale). (sorry sold)

I hope all of you are enjoying the weather and I hope to see you soon.

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Keep on Blogging...

April 2008
The shop has it's new look or at least a face lift...the new awnings are awsome - I wish the logo on the windows would have turned out better but that can be fixed down the road. I am happy with it all in all.

I really can’t believe how fast the winter has gone by, even though it seems to have lingered longer this year. I have made entries and lost them each time I made my feeble attempt. Blogging has turned out to be harder than I thought and I would appreciate any advice on the subject. It takes me awhile to write and then when the page disappears into cyber space it gets discouraging. I am determined to get this…even if we have to redo the website.
Spring has come to the shop at last and it looks fabulous. We have all kinds of birds from journals to jewelry to stone for your garden--it looks as though the shop this year has gone to the birds.

Our new project for spring is a 4’x10’display fashioned after a lovely little shop in Paris that Jody and I fell in love with. We are featuring everything small in its shelves. Wonderful laces found at the Paris flea market, half dolls, paper , buttons and so much more. It will be a great source for those who love altered art projects and of course sewing and anything else you can dream of. More and more the shop will evolve and it is my goal to keep nurturing the creative soul that comes into the shop. Not only with the handmade items in the shop but also the wonderful little snippets used to make them. We are hoping to have this open by June.
I will keep posting pictures as it comes along... This was my inspiration...a small wine shop in the Momarte district in Paris.

Here is the start of it...

The shop has been progressing through the winter and we have finished the “bedroom” which is filled with Bella Notte’ Linens, Pinecone Hill quilts and of course wonderful vintage pillows made by Simply Posh. Some of you have asked about the beautiful wallpaper I used on the walls and “it is NOT old” believe it or not. I found it at JC Lichts and it comes in 3 different colors.

Beautiful colors of Belle Notte...

Our theme on the center counter is Garden and it looks so nice to see it after such a hard winter. It features terracotta pots that have a great aged look and garden animals with the same aged look. We found a great statuary source at market that looks like old cement but it is fiberglass so it is easy to move around…the angels are my favorite. For June the theme will be Brides, and you won’t want to miss the display. I found the most wonderful wedding gowns from the turn of the century. There are two of them in old wallpaper boxes marked mothers and Millie’s. I have to think it is mother and daughter because of the ages of the dresses…mothers is Victorian and Millie’s is from the 20’s. The best part about the find is there is nothing missing. There are stockings, undergarments, corsets, wax flowers, shoes and of course the veils. Can you tell I am excited--it will be a fun display! Oh and by the way, many of you have asked about the center counter itself, it is actually a !6’ front lobby desk from a hotel built in 1800 -1850 called the Lumber Barron Hotel in Chippewa MI, it had been in storage for the last 100 years and I was fortunate enough to end up with it.

Until next time I will try to keep on blogging...