Tuesday, March 3, 2009

I am sick of winter.

Finally, March has arrived and we can see the end of winters hard grasp on the earth and our surroundings. New beginnings...life springs up again and the birds sing and rejoice the new birth... for that reason it is my mothers favorite time of year, I myself prefer Fall. Spring is just never quite warm enough...I am always wishing for warmer temperatures and wanting more green and more SUN. It is amazing how much the sun affects us or at least me. My sister lives in Az and I love it there! I try to go and get my sun fix as much as I can in the winter but the shop has put a limit on that. The sun just gives you so much more energy and a better outlook and every bit helps these days. I try to stay positive and I am always grateful for all that I am blessed with but somehow on a sunny day I just don't have to work as hard at it.

AHHH...Arizona! (Not all my glasses)

My mother and sister Cindy at her house in Arizona.

Spring has also come to the shop and it looks bright and cheery with all the great Easter stuff...we are working daily on new handmade Easter and spring items. Right now I am working on birds and will post pictures. We are looking forward to our clothing line coming in at the end of the month...really cute stuff. Romantic lace tops and skirts and also some funky tops. This week we are getting in a French line of home decor that is really great, I can't wait to open the boxes!

I am painting again...this was inspired by the meaning of what Christ has done for us this Easter.

Easter Blessings