Friday, November 20, 2015

Taking time for me... in Alaska

I want to thank all of you that left such encouraging words and thoughts on my husbands passing. Even though I might not have written all of you, I want you to know how much I appreciate you.
Thank you...
I am settling into somewhat of a routine and the house is starting to feel comfortable. I have been blessed with beautiful, thoughtful, and loving family and friends that have shown me so much love.

My family, celebrating my mother's 90th birthday this fall.

They have not only been here for me but have worked hard to help me get the house ready to sell in the spring. We've been painting and repairing, you know those projects that keep getting put to the back burner. 
A larger project was a new roof and repairs, cleaning the basement which filled a 20 yd. dumpster and cleaning the attic.

 Painting and ceiling repair

I like the end result, I think the warm grey was perfect for this light filled room.

I still have a lot of work ahead of me as you may know if you have followed this blog... I have a lot of stuff!  It hasn't been that many years since I had the shop and I still have a garage full, but I am slowly sifting and will be selling everything. My plan is to go into something very small that is easy upkeep, as I want to go into ministry full time. I have a call to the mission field on my life and I want to follow my dream that I feel is my destiny in my Kingdom walk.


With all that, I got the opportunity to travel with some very dear friends to Alaska, a little girl time is good for the soul. 
I had not been there before but my friend Nancy has been there many times, her daughter went to school there. 
So we were blessed to see Alaska through her eyes. 
Such a beautiful place. 

Just a sample of Alaska through my lens...

Over the Mountains...
Over the Sea...
Here you come running, my lover to me.
When I feel the cold of winter and this cloak of sadness, 
I need you.
All the evil things that shake me, all the words that break me, 
I need you.
Over the Mountains... 
Over the Sea... 
Here you come running, my lover to me.
Do not hide me from your presence, pull me from these shadows,
I need you.
Beauty, wrap your arms around me, sing your song of kindness,
I need you.
Over the Mountains,
Over the Sea,
Here you come running, my lover to me.
All through the valleys, through the dark of night, here you come running to hold me 'til its light. 
Hold me 'til its light... I'll come running, come running, come running, come running back to you...
(Song of Solomon by Jesus Culture)