Friday, July 12, 2013

Where Bloggers Create... number 5

And welcome to my part of the world,
 which happens to be about an hour west of Chicago. 
We live in a small town that rests on the banks of the Fox River called Batavia. 
Our home was built in the 1860's by E.S. Smith, who was appointed Post Master General to Batavia by President Lincoln. 

This celebrates the fifth year of Where Bloggers Create... 
A great big thank you to Karen Valentine, she has done such an incredible job every year.
Please enjoy all the other studios on this tour

My studio sits facing the back yard which we built in 1992. Originally I had wanted a two story but because I was in the antique business then, my husband did not want to haul my projects up stairs, he had a point... now I am glad because the studio is a part of my garden.

The studio has seen quite a few changes throughout the years, just as my interests and artwork have. It has gone from workshop-craft room to storage to art studio. 

I was privileged to have Jo Packham visit and shoot both my studio's and shop for the magazine 
Where Women Create a few years ago. Posted here.

The past two years is the first time that it has been my primary studio. I have always had two studios, I had one in the back of my shop and when I closed the shop, I had one in an art gallery.  But now I am just at home and to fit two studio's into one was like a huge puzzle, so the result is FULL... and it took me a full year to redo it.

 They have all been posted in past Where Bloggers Create.

My creative work has changed and morphed throughout the years, mostly formed by the "shop". At first I did mostly textile work, in the early 90's I did many pillows out of vintage fabric and rode the Shabby Chic trend. I even made pillows for Norman Lear.

 Most of my work was for resale for my shop, I painted many a rose on old doors, furniture and murals. I made everything from junk jewelry to fabric collage to hand dyed clothing but all with resale in mind which was great fun... 

And I am still having fun with it and selling my whims in my etsy store.

but today I am challenging myself. 
I am doing what I started out doing before... all the trends and all the shops, before... I started working for others.

 Today I am doing art for myself that comes from within. 
I am painting again.

Not with acrylic so it drys fast like I did for resale but with oils... where the paint has to set up and be layered. It is good for me, I have to reach into myself and find the artist.

 It comes from my spiritual being.  It is a new day.
I am trying different subjects to paint, just to see if I can, if it speaks to me I paint it.

I love sheep...

I am still selling my artwork but the mindset is different.

  All my artwork whether it is collage, jewelry, journals or painting comes from a spiritual sense of who I am in Christ. Each piece that I sold had a blessing behind it.

Spiritual artwork does not have to be angels and a cross but rather the story behind the art is what is reflected in the art. 
The story behind my art is the fruit of the Holy Spirit... love, joy, peace, kindness. Spirit filled work.

 If the work encourages and edifies with its message and beauty, this is Spirit filled work. We can step into art and beyond it into a place where our back story plays a part in keeping hope and love alive.

Not only is my art a reflection of God's goodness and love to me but it changes me as I make the art. 

The creative process is fashioned after the author of all creation... God is a creative God and we are made in His image. 
We are a creative people.

My creative self dwells deep within me and when I create, new inspiration springs up and spills out. I discover new things within me that were hidden.

The gifts I possess is to fulfill one purpose...
It is to glorify God.
It is giving back what He has given me that glorifies Him.
It is casting my crown at his feet.

And whatever you do, do it heartily as to the Lord 
and not unto men. Col. 3:23

Thank you so much for joining me today... I always enjoy your visits and thoughts.





  2. A beautiful post. You inspire me! Thank you!

  3. I enjoyed my tour of your studio. I too could do nothing without the talent given to me by God. I have asked Him to allow me to glorify Him through my art. I love your paintings, I am trying to paint again as I have been away from it for a while. You have so many beautiful things in your studio, I am truly inspired but more so by your spirit. Happy creating!

  4. Oh Rebecca, so beautifully written and photographed!! Thank you for sharing your spiritual journey with the Father and His leading in your life and art. Your beautiful paintings are so inspiring....I love seeing your creative space and I'm sure there is a story behind each treasured item. You have inspired me so much and I can see your sweet spirit between every line. I too want others to see Christ when they look at the things I create and so thankful for His gifts in my life. Blessings to you, Linda

  5. You have an incredibly lovely studio. What a blessing to have so many antiques to not only play with, but also display. Your heartfelt words have touched me deeply. So have the gorgeous photos you shared. Bless you, dear.

  6. A beautiful studio, but a even more beautiful story behind it. You are very talented and using that talent for God and the good of others, I can not imagine a higher or more noble calling. Thank you for sharing.

  7. Thank you for sharing your lovely studio and your beautiful story. He has gifted you in a very special way!
    That lilac painting is so lovely!!!

  8. Thanks for sharing your beautiful studio and your beautiful philosophy. Your creativity and the fact that you continue to grow is inspiring .

  9. I just love to see jars filled with stuff.... in peoples studio's:):) Just wonderful...Thanks for sharing:):)

  10. Your studio is gorgeous..... and your ministry is awesome! Thank you!

    Colossians 3:15 And let the peace of Christ rule in your hearts, to which indeed you were called in one body. And be thankful.

  11. Totally divine studio. Love it. Thanks for sharing xx Michelle

  12. Rebecca, every detail is Sublime! From the Outside In it is a Vision and so Inspirational, Thank You for Sharing and taking us into your Wonderful Creative Space. I'm having serious Studio Envy right about now! *Winks* Your Beautiful Spirit shines through brilliantly in your Workshop and your Creations! Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

  13. I have spent so long looking at all your gorgeous vintage finds in your photo's, i am in love with your space it is divine, oh how i wish my space was this lovely i could spend many hours looking though your vintage finds. wow! thank you for sharing Lisa

  14. I beautiful studio for a beautiful sister in Christ! Thank you for sharing your heart with us! May God continue to bless you and others through your creativity!

  15. Everything is just lovely Rebecca! I love to see everyones spaces and all their goodies that they create with. :)

  16. Your studio is like my most beautiful dream inside and out. How can you stand it? Love it very much!I have to become a follower here.

  17. Love your work space (and the history of your house) and the garden all around it, really lovely place to create in. And you have a ton of brilliant storage holders and treasures. Great to see your art work too, the lambs are so sweet.

  18. Thanks so much for sharing your studio, I loved looking at every singe thing.
    You do have so many lovely treasures surrounding you, glorious indeed!
    I am touring this year and not joining in, not enough time to get my space ready. I love looking at all the beautiful spaces.

  19. From the outside to the glorious inside, your tour was enchanting. Your words touched my heart and your images took my breath away. Blessings, Rhonda

  20. you have a God given gift and you are using it to inspire others. He is proud. it is all so lovely....speaks to my soul. happy to see that you are getting back to your "first love"..painting. thank you for sharing your creative haven and self with us. we are all blessed because of it.

  21. I can't tell you how happy I am to read that your studio took almost a year to set up- after a couple of months I feel as if mine is still such a mess- thank you for encouraging me- your studio is beautiful!!

  22. Always wonderful to take a stroll through your beautiful place...talents are truly blessed Becca!!

  23. I love seeing your studio again, it's always an inspiration. You have so many God given gifts and talents, Rebecca, thank you for sharing them with all of us. I love seeing that you're painting again! Sending lots of hugs, I hope you're having a wonderful summer!

  24. Wow, I'm loving your studio space. Those antique suitcases are lovely.

  25. Hello Rebecca, Your studio is beautiful and so inspiring. I have always loved your
    arrangements. I really enjoyed my visit. Hugs, Diana

  26. Oh my goodness.. Just breathtaking! Love the inside.. Love the outside! Thank you for the beautiful tour! ~tina

  27. Awesome studio! So fabulously vintage! I love it!

    Cathy ♥

  28. I love seeing your pretty face as weel as your studio.
    It is nice to see who stands behind such pretty and creative space. You are a real vintage chic.

    Best wishes

  29. Wowza, I'd like to muddle through that space. Beautiful!


  30. Rebecca, your space is incredibly beautiful but even more beautiful is your heart for God. I am inspired by both your creative space and passionate soul. Thank you so much for sharing.


  31. woo who! It looks like you've been in the studio again! I always love seeing your creative space my dearest!
    Miss you bunches
    Love Donna

  32. I can not believe how beautiful your studio is. Inside and out. I feel like Alice down the rabbit hole, this is a wonderland of inspiration and charm. Some place where Victorian ladies would go to relax and loosen their cossets, for a breath of fresh air and cool glass of lemonade.
    I want to invite you over to my studio, but it is nothing in comparison to yours. I am having a ball touring all of these fab studios and getting inspiration by all these talented women.
    Have a lovely weekend, and please come visit my studio, too and join my Give-A-Way.
    Your blogging sister, Connie :)

  33. Rebecca, your blog and your space are both gorgeous! I too love Where Women Create. I had the honor of attending a lecture given by Jo Packham. She was amazing!

    I too love The Lord and work to glorify Him.


  34. I have so enjoyed visiting your creative space again this tear! I love that you are painting again, and the Lion and the LAMB painting is just wonderful! I see why you want to paint more. I wish I had that gift. Your creativity and works of your hands being the crown that we cast at HIS feet was the perfect thought behind what we are to do with our talents! It has really been that exactly that makes a difference in what I spend my time doing. Thank you for giving it words. I love how you have expressed your beliefs in your post too. Such a lovely spot you've shared with us. Thank you so much for the tour!

  35. Rebecca, I love the tour of your studio, the places that you do your art. I saw your dear friend today, Donna Reyne. I thought of you, it was the french flea market at Horton's. xoxox, Susie

  36. I can see why your space and work were featured in the magazine-It is a big fabulous gathering of beautiful things that help to bring out the gifts you have inside! And the yard needs to be in Home and Garden. Love your eye for jewelry. Devon

  37. Oh my gosh Rebecca, seeing your studio and all the beautiful things you make in there is just a feast for the eyes!! Not only is it lovely on the inside... it is stunning on the outside too!! Thank you so much for joining in on the fun again for year number 5!!!

  38. absolutely stunning studio Rebecca.. like a little fairytale in the garden!

  39. This is a wonderful space you have created for yourself and it must be such fun to set in while you are creating.

  40. A wonderful studio that has changed along with you.

  41. I am so glad I stopped by to visit your studio-it's just so special, love your sheep paintings Kathy

  42. Oh, my friend, how I love your space!!! And how amazing to me - that I am also from the Chicago Suburbs (although I am just a bit south from you - in the New Lenox, Joliet area!!!) Your studio space is beautiful . . . and your paintings . . . inspiring! It truly is wonderful to meet you and to be visiting your wonderful home today! Thanks for having us all!

  43. What an incredibly beautiful studio inside and out! I could spend all day there.

  44. Dear Rebecca, I am not surprised that your many talents include your beautiful paintings. I have always admired your talents, but especially your kindness and grace. Thank you for sharing your blessings with us. Love, Penny

  45. Dear Rebecca visiting here has taken my breath away from stepping into your beautiful garden surrounding your sacred space to every detail in there. We are on the same page in many aspects where I also create vintage fabric collages, lace books and journals.
    You have been truly blessed with an amazing artistic talent expressed in so many different ways.
    Your new painting is drawing you back into the garden again.
    Come visit to see just a little bit of the same!

  46. Thank you so much for this incredibly inspirational post. Christ Alone...indeed.

  47. Hello dear Rebecca,
    I love your studio tucked away under your beautiful rosebushes, and all the wonders to be seen inside.
    Your many collections is amazing and so fantastic, I love all your dressforms, and especially the one with rosy fabric :-)
    The room reflects all your many talents, I believe you can do all your mind want to try out, and your paintings are stunning proove of that!
    What quiet and beautiful hours you have here, reflecting over life and your life with God,- it must be refreshing and filling up your spirit,being surrounded with all this beauty, you created and collected yourself!!
    Warm hugs from Dorthe

  48. What a gorgeous space you have and so lucky to have a building of your own! and ohhhhhh packed with so many treasures to create with. I really enjoyed peeking into your very special studio! Cheers from Singapore.

  49. I am totally smitten, your studio is such a beautiful place. A little piece of heaven on earth.

  50. You have an incredible studio, Rebecca, in beautiful surroundings! I'll bet you get great enjoyment spending time in it. I think I would lose all track of time in here! Thanks so much for sharing!

  51. Rebecca, This is the first time I have seen your blog and am so inspired by you, your work and your love of the Lord. Thanks for sharing so much of yourself and your art. Your studio is beyond what most of of dream of ever having and I am so thankful that I have gotten to visit you. Blessings to you.

  52. It was a delight to visit you today! Your studio is very lovely and you art is beautiful! Thanks for sharing it with us!♥

  53. love your studio! I need a seperate building to create in,maybe one day lol! as long as you have the passion for art you will be able to create it, it is truely a gift!

  54. Wow, from the moment I saw your garden I knew I would want to come on in. If I lived next to you, I would be over daily to peer into every cranny of your space. Gorgeous antiques all so carefully arranged. Spectacular really!!
    Keep smiling and creating.

  55. I always love peeking in to your creative space!
    I still cherish my necklace I won in your giveaway and get many compliments each time I wear it!



  57. I've come over all verklempt. A verse was running through my mind as I read your post and when I got to the end ... there it was. Angels to you. So glad I got to read your powerful post on creativity and spirituality.

  58. Loved the tour, your room and artwork are amazing!

  59. Hi Rebecca,
    Always a pleasure to visit your lovely home and studio. I'd pay admission just to wander through and feast on all the neat and interesting pieces.
    Glad things are going well for you with your art, the paintings are beautiful!
    Hugs and blessings,

  60. Hi, Rebecca. It sounds like you've led a very creatively fulfilling life and now you get to be a little more reflective and self indulgent. You are so blessed. Wonderful garden studio and creative space. Thank you for letting me into you world. :-)

  61. What a truly blessed studio space. Your talents seem so many and I love that you walk with the Lord. His love fills us up with HIs inspiration every day. thank you for sharing so much of your life and your Love for Him with all of us.

  62. Simply inspiring!! What a phenomenal studio! So many treasures...those stacked suitcases, oh my! Thanks for a tour of a wonderful space, and for sharing your thoughts.

  63. Firstly I'd like to thank you for the visit and your kind comment dear Rebecca. You know how much I love your garden and your amazing and inspiring garden studio. All the wonderful supplies and vintage decor you have makes me swoon! How great that you found your muse to paint again. It must be a very fulfilling feeling. Sending you happy Summer wishes!
    Carola xoxo~

  64. Beautiful workspace Rebecca, I never tire of visiting your special spot! Blessing to you:)
    Hugs Marilou of Lulus Lovlies

  65. What a wonderful place to create my dear friend!
    Love ya!

  66. Oh Rebecca - you are truly using your inner strength and beauty to serve him! It shows you love in all that you do - your gardens, your art, your words everything!

    Love your blog and studio! I'm off to become a follower!


  67. Rebecca, Your work, talent, studio,and gentle spirit always inspire me to be a better person! I didn't know you painted as well, your gift is mind blowing girl! God continues to bless you because you serve Him with such love and devotion. Thank you for sharing. Marcia

  68. Rebecca,
    What a lovely creative space you have. Love that you give God the glory...i feel this is so true for me as well.
    Be blessed, Lorena

  69. Your studio is a joy to behold and I could spends hours, maybe days, looking at every single thing! I adore the way your studio looks tucked into your garden like it has been rooted there forever. Thank you so much for sharing!

  70. Beautiful! I have lots of vintage pretty supplies too and need to get them into one space instead of 3..very inspiring! Julia

  71. So this is visit number four. Please don't charge us rent! But each visit I am humbled, inspired, sighing and seeing something new each time to make me swoon. Everything is so beautiful and all the supplies make my fingers tingle. I could surely spend days in your studio creating with you or simply watching you create! It has been a winding road for certain, but I think that perhaps you have found your rightful place, glorifying Him and utilizing this wonderful gift you were given. I most certainly will connect with you next time I am up there. However, could we spend more than a few minutes as you suggested?! : ) Sending you love and hugs,

    "her" and of course Romeo (who loved your studio as well but wants to curl up on the linens and nap)

  72. Oh, my friend, you know I love your studio...inside and out! Such a lovely space to be inspired in and your paintings are amazing!!!! You are one talented lady:-)

    Let me know if you ever get over here to visit Jody so we can meet up.

    Enjoy your Summer!


  73. I so enjoyed visiting your studio, your blog posts have always been an inspiration to me. Thanks for sharing your beautiful space and your thoughts about being creative, I have always believed that God gave me the desire to make things with my hands and I always enjoy sharing them with others. Your continue to bless me and glad I visited you here today.

  74. Rebecca,
    What a joy it has been to visit your spectacular creative space!! So much inspiration and filled with so many beautiful things!!

    Thanks so much for sharing!! You are extremely talented!!


  75. R.E.,
    The name Batavia sounds like it should be located in Europe with a castle and a king and queen residing there. Your studio is that castle and you my lovely...well you are the queen!
    You, the studio, and your art all contain layers that have to be slowly taken in. (Remember...noon day onions!) None of it can be all absorbed with just a quick look see. Just as it took time to create, so does the honesty of the creation.
    Your heart is poured over every inch of things you love and thank goodness I'm one of them.
    Am I bragging? Yes I am. God graced me when He brought us together as friends and I thank Him daily for it.
    You wield the paintbrush and He wields you. That's what I call a win-win!
    Love you and miss you something awful...

  76. Your studio is beautiful. But I love your paintings even more, especially the lion and the hugging lamb. Wonderful. Thank you for sharing.

  77. Such a beautiful studio! I also live along the Fox River but further North in Wisconsin. Aren't we lucky to have such a beautiful river in our cities? I found Where Bloggers Create this morning and have happily toured for a few hours now. You ladies inspire me to make of my craft room something more than a place of clutter. I enjoy creating and came late in life to the fact that I have a creative soul and much to say. Our Father blesses us and if we're lucky gives us enough time to fully realize we are His creative children. Thank you for sharing your gifts and studio with me today. Blessings!

  78. Rebecca, I enjoyed this tour of your studio so much! What an overwhelming amount of beauty and creativity. Your paintings are just gorgeous, and your yielding to the Holy Spirit so evident. Thank you for sharing this special space with us!

  79. Hello beautiful girl!!! What a joy it is to see your amazing studio again AND your gorgeous artwork filled with your love and spirit! You bless so many of us by sharing this post and your lovely truth filled words.
    Thank you so much for stopping by to see me. I can't believe how busy life gets and hope you know I love you even though I don't come by as much as usual. You are such an inspiration to me Rebecca and I know it is that for so many.
    Love you!!!

  80. Fabulous studio. Thank you so much for sharing. Many blessings to you.

  81. Hi Rebecca, Your gorgeous studio looks like it had been a part of your garden for much longer with all the lovely climbers. There are so many wonderful details to discover inside that I wouldn't be able to pick a favorite item or vignette. I love your awesome collection of vintage treasures. Thank you for sharing your fabulous studio house again.
    Have a happy Sunday!

  82. I would like to list your Where Bloggers create as one of my favorite things of the week - most inspiring art, and include a link and small pic of your snuggling lamb. Please contact me if this is not acceptable.

  83. O MY GOODNESS!!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE your space... So much to do in your space and so much FUN!!! Just DREAMY!!!

  84. I love your yard! What kind of climbing plant is that on the French doors? Also what is the heart shaped plant?

  85. Hello Rebecca and thank you for your inspiring post. Your space is wonderful and I love your stone patio too. I have been inspired of late to take up painting and pull out my quiet knitting needles again. To hear the hum of the yarn through my fingers and the click of the needles. Your post was just what I needed for the final push. Please stop by if you have a minute.
    THANK YOU. ~ ~Ahrisha~ ~

  86. Oh. And I mean oh, as in breathtaking. Yours is only the 5th studio I have been able to visit so far, and I am sure it will be my favorite. But your story (your truth) has touched me this morning, deeply, just when I needed it. God is good. I love that each of your pieces comes with a blessing, and that you reflect the creator in your creations. Just reading your words I see the light in you! Expect exceedingly abundant blessings, more than you can imagine or hope for. They are already yours.
    Yours, Holly

  87. Your beautiful studio just takes my breath away! You have a wonderful collection of treasures, yummy!
    I haven't particpated in WBC since last year, but I still like to peek into other studios. It's so much fun.
    Hanks for a wonderful tour of an absolutely gorgeous space.


    1. Rebecca, I am so sorry that I am so late to see your studio. I haven't been well, so I am a bit behind.
      I wanted to tell you that I love how you show your love for Christ in your work. To have a piece of your work that has been blessed would be a blessing for the owner each day!
      Your painting of the sheep and the man's hand....well, that was Jesus to me holding a lamb....I loved that. Very moving.
      You have a wonderful studio. A girl could play for hours there!


  90. I've tried 3 times to write this comment, not sure if it's my computer or blogger, but oh well, third times a charm right? I've missed you and this morning you were on my mind so I popped over.
    What a beautiful post. Both in word and picture. Always inspiring here. I wish I could blow each picture up so I could see every detail up close. What's up on the shelves by the suitcases, or inside the jars. The fabric trims still in original wrapping, all of it. I hate that blogger took that feature away.
    I admire you so much Rebecca. You've done so much and lived your dream. (pillows for Norman Lear, wow) A lot is going on in my life right now. My mind is overwhelmed with decisions and dilemmas. I haven't had time to blog much but I do miss it. Hopefully things will settle down soon and I can get back to what I love.
    Your painting are incredible, I am still hoping to buy one day.
    Hope you have a lovely weekend.
    Love your Texas friend.

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  92. You work surrounded by beauty and I like that you are painting again. My favorite is the Lion, we know who He symbolizes, and I also like the sheep paintings.

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  96. Such a wonderful studio and testimony. I was inspired walking through your photos and to hear the words so gracous - Let all that hath breathe praise the Lord!

  97. Thank you for showing your studio . Gorgeous .

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