Thursday, September 22, 2011

Pajama Party!!!

I am so excited to be going to a pajama party tonight.
 My friend Donna at A Life Reclaimed is having a few of us over for a party...
a bloggy sleep over!
Donna and her husband have been refurbishing her grandmothers old house for a long time now and they have finally gotten to the kitchen. Many decisions have to be made now and Donna needs a little input from her peeps. Much of her inspiration comes from movie sets and designs...
 so she has invited us over for an all nighter
and we are all bringing treats and our all time favorite 
"house set design" movie. We will be showing our movies and discussing why and what inspires us about each movie. Sound fun?
I think so...  
the party starts now so drop in and say hello, 
we have plenty of treats to share.

 I have my jammies...

I have treats...

Dark Chocolate and...

Let's get this party started...
ok... anybody up for a makeover?

Now that we all have new hairdo's, eaten our fill and refilled our wine glass... I'll put my movie on!

My all time favorite... set design movie is...

If Donna wants kitchen inspiration... this has got to be it!
This IS the bomb...
This movie has so many elements on so many different levels that speak to me, I can't even list them all. From the house to the garden to the conservatory to the storefront.
I am going to let the pictures speak for me but I do want to
include a little movie tidbit. 
I was involved with this movie in a very tiny aspect, as I sold some of the movie props to them. During the time of the filming I had my large shop, Simply Posh and had been selling to different movie and commercial productions.  For this movie I remember selling a lot of apothecary, old bottles, cloches and fabrics. So not only did this movie influence my design pallet but I like to think a small (very small) part of me influenced the movie. 
Drum roll pleeeease.

This movie even starts out with a cool little moss covered cabin...

...and then it just gets better and better.

Ladies I give you my dream house...

The gardens

This over grown garden that has an element of out of control and yet that beautiful I have been here a hundred years look... is right up my alley yard.

I even loved the garden hats and costume design

This shot is from Victoria magazine

The Conservatory
(where I had a lot of my stuff)

The Kitchen

I love the doors in this house

The open cabinetry and glass with the white just looks like jewels 
I love the old wood with the painted white.  Can you see that sink... love it!

The dark cabinets with the white is such a beautiful design element... that old mixture

The creamy tiles over this fabulous stove is such a great focal point not to mention this 2die4 table. I love tall ceilings one of the best parts of an old house, this vaulted ceiling in the kitchen is fabulous.
I am feeling overwhelmed, just trying to point out everything that speaks to me... because everything about this house from the details of the dishes to the lighting to the fabulous built ins makes my heart sing.

Just look at the patina on the stools :) 
those might be my cloches...

The Attic (my favorite)

The Parlor and Dining Room

This is such a fabulous worn leather chair and the botanical's on the wall are such a favorite of mine.

This cabinet with all the threads... belongs in my dreams.

The plush furniture and rich textures make this room

My color pallet... 

Now the icing on the cake...

The Shop... Verbena

I hope you enjoyed my movie, I might add that I loved the characters of this movie and they are some of my favorite actors but the subject matter is not my cup of tea.

Now, I hope you aren't sleepy yet because there are 6 more movies to watch!  Please drop in to Donna's and see the rest of them... and don't forget to get your hair done!
Pictures taken from Amas Veritas and Hooked on Houses