Saturday, February 26, 2011

Sunday Studio... Studio Sunday

Welcome to my first Sunday Studio party...

I know blogland probably doesn't need another link up day but I needed a little motivation myself and thought this could be fun.

So out of my studio I will be posting every Sunday hopefully to encourage and inspire anyone that wants to join me. I will have the link up the day before so you have plenty of time to join in. 
Just click on the link at the bottom of this post and follow the directions...if you are having trouble or haven't linked up before I would be glad to help you.

I felt Sunday was a good choice because it is a day we have set apart for the Lord and rest.
I have been set on a new journey this past year, old things past and made new again. With the closing of the shop I have picked up a new adventure through God and art.

 I want to encourage everyone, that expressing God in our life can be done through everything we do, including our art. It doesn't mean pushing our beliefs on others but rather a loving and kind attitude. The scriptures say in Col.3 Whatsoever you do, do it heartily as unto the Lord. 
To me, this means all things including my artwork.

 My artwork comes from the heart which is made new by Jesus Christ and is an expression of Him. Therefore as an artist or artisan  whatever you consider yourself, you don't have to make
 "religious looking art" for it to be God inspired. 

Whenever I make a piece of art it is my praise offering to the Lord and I pray the Lord uses it to bless and heal. It is the Holy Spirit inside me honoring my Father in whatever I do.

 I am honoring the gift that the Lord has given me and thus blessing others and showing the love of the father through my everyday journey with Him. If it encourages, edifies, beautifies or just makes someone smile it is from the Lord. 

This is my message, my journey to glorify my Father through whatever I do. 
My desire to do art comes from Him who made me and this I return to Him with praise and thanksgiving.

Please join me on this journey and share your gift no matter what it might be... to encourage others and edify Christ in us
 the hope of glory.

Please join us every Sunday to show your studio, your art... your gift.

Thank you so much for joining us and
Please visit the other links...
Many Blessings

Friday, February 25, 2011

Shopping and Sunday Studio

I have been dreaming of spring since I have returned from the sun but all I have gotten is sleet and snow here in Chicago. But today the sun is shining through my window and I know it can't last forever. 
I have been chipping away at my computer room project but it has gone slow this week as I have been under the weather. I will be finishing this week and I will post the final results. 
While in Arizona I had a wonderful day with Karen of My Desert Cottage fame. She has many talents and one of them is web designing, she has worked on my blog and I have been very happy with it. We had lunch together and she took me to some of her favorite shopping spots. She has been featuring them on her blog once a week, so if you live in the Phoenix area, you won't want to miss them.

I forgot my camera charger while in AZ so these photos are courtesy of Karen...
We are in a lovely shop called The Embellished House, it is full of wonderments and the displays are awesome. It is one of those shops that has something for everyone from French fantastic to industrial inspiration. 

We also visited several more shops, one of which is called 
Not Too Shabby. It turned out that I had a lot in common with the owner of this shop, as we graduated from the same high school in Mn. This shop is so fun and like the name is very "Shabby Chic". 

To see more inside these shops visit Karen's blog
I did spend a few dollars here and there, I can always manage that little task... but I did find a treasure!
It was just what I had in mind for here...

I needed a hanging cupboard... one with cubby holes for miscellaneous. Something more industrial looking but functional in a small space.

OK, how cool is this cupboard... it is made of tin with a wood faux paint finish that had wore off for a great look and it was made by the Chicago Cabinet Co. I mean I had to bring it back home!

From what I can see, I think this was an old pharmaceutical cabinet, I tried to look online but found nothing.

As you can see the top opens and has bins that dispenses below with levers that open and close

It is all ready to hang with metal brackets attached in the back. 
I like it a lot :)
I did find some smalls too, my old standbys-stuff for art, fabric and brown transferware.

I am linking up with Debra at Common Ground for Vintage Inspiration Friday. 

I also have another project up my sleeve...
Lots of them in fact so I am starting a link up called
Sunday Studio
I will be featuring something I am working on out of my studio,
God thru Art
And I would love to have you join me every Sunday with any project you are working on.
I will be posting my first session this Sunday.

Thanks so much for stopping by...

Sunday, February 20, 2011

A Time in The Sun

I discovered Arizona in February 1995 when I  tagged along with my husband on a business trip... I got off the plane and walked into a cool breeze and sunshine and I have been hooked ever since...
Chicago is very gray in the winter, unlike Minnesota with all it's cold and snow where I grew up. The winter didn't bother me until I moved to Chicago in 1990. Somehow the absence of light bothers me, however I didn't realize how much until I walked off that plane in 1995. I have made that journey in February ever since, made easier with the help of my sister and her husband. They built a lovely home in the mountains north of Phoenix and are gracious enough to open their home to us every year.

For the last few years my mom has joined us in this journey, this year my brother in law built another bedroom on the back of the house and my mom enjoyed her own sun filled room. My mom will be 86 this year and she travels by herself from Minnesota.

So it has become a time of family and relaxation...
 the guys golf and us girls, 
well, we...

Try some old family recipes,
 like Kuchen
a German coffee cake

My mother telling me, "there is no other feeling in the world as kneading bread dough".

Expert hands...

Kuchen is a sweet bread dough with fruit filling and a egg custard topping... delicious!

And we played together...

I brought some stash and shared some ideas with my sis...

My friend KC Willis was in town but our schedules didn't line up, disappointing, but I shared some of her techniques with my sister.
I worked some, for my next show

And we just soaked up the sun

And watched it go down...

Thank you, Rudy and Cindy~

Since we drove this time, I will leave you with pictures I snapped in the car on our way home...

Flagstaff AZ

Is that the moon I see... looks like the sun to me

The moon must look that big around here... a lot

It was a great two weeks and I had such a good time with family and friends.
I did meet Karen at My Desert Cottage for a day of shopping and lunch, which I will post on later.

I want to leave with a special
 Happy Birthday
 to my lovely daughter
We will be joining her family later for a little birthday cake!