Friday, July 12, 2013

Where Bloggers Create... number 5

And welcome to my part of the world,
 which happens to be about an hour west of Chicago. 
We live in a small town that rests on the banks of the Fox River called Batavia. 
Our home was built in the 1860's by E.S. Smith, who was appointed Post Master General to Batavia by President Lincoln. 

This celebrates the fifth year of Where Bloggers Create... 
A great big thank you to Karen Valentine, she has done such an incredible job every year.
Please enjoy all the other studios on this tour

My studio sits facing the back yard which we built in 1992. Originally I had wanted a two story but because I was in the antique business then, my husband did not want to haul my projects up stairs, he had a point... now I am glad because the studio is a part of my garden.

The studio has seen quite a few changes throughout the years, just as my interests and artwork have. It has gone from workshop-craft room to storage to art studio. 

I was privileged to have Jo Packham visit and shoot both my studio's and shop for the magazine 
Where Women Create a few years ago. Posted here.

The past two years is the first time that it has been my primary studio. I have always had two studios, I had one in the back of my shop and when I closed the shop, I had one in an art gallery.  But now I am just at home and to fit two studio's into one was like a huge puzzle, so the result is FULL... and it took me a full year to redo it.

 They have all been posted in past Where Bloggers Create.

My creative work has changed and morphed throughout the years, mostly formed by the "shop". At first I did mostly textile work, in the early 90's I did many pillows out of vintage fabric and rode the Shabby Chic trend. I even made pillows for Norman Lear.

 Most of my work was for resale for my shop, I painted many a rose on old doors, furniture and murals. I made everything from junk jewelry to fabric collage to hand dyed clothing but all with resale in mind which was great fun... 

And I am still having fun with it and selling my whims in my etsy store.

but today I am challenging myself. 
I am doing what I started out doing before... all the trends and all the shops, before... I started working for others.

 Today I am doing art for myself that comes from within. 
I am painting again.

Not with acrylic so it drys fast like I did for resale but with oils... where the paint has to set up and be layered. It is good for me, I have to reach into myself and find the artist.

 It comes from my spiritual being.  It is a new day.
I am trying different subjects to paint, just to see if I can, if it speaks to me I paint it.

I love sheep...

I am still selling my artwork but the mindset is different.

  All my artwork whether it is collage, jewelry, journals or painting comes from a spiritual sense of who I am in Christ. Each piece that I sold had a blessing behind it.

Spiritual artwork does not have to be angels and a cross but rather the story behind the art is what is reflected in the art. 
The story behind my art is the fruit of the Holy Spirit... love, joy, peace, kindness. Spirit filled work.

 If the work encourages and edifies with its message and beauty, this is Spirit filled work. We can step into art and beyond it into a place where our back story plays a part in keeping hope and love alive.

Not only is my art a reflection of God's goodness and love to me but it changes me as I make the art. 

The creative process is fashioned after the author of all creation... God is a creative God and we are made in His image. 
We are a creative people.

My creative self dwells deep within me and when I create, new inspiration springs up and spills out. I discover new things within me that were hidden.

The gifts I possess is to fulfill one purpose...
It is to glorify God.
It is giving back what He has given me that glorifies Him.
It is casting my crown at his feet.

And whatever you do, do it heartily as to the Lord 
and not unto men. Col. 3:23

Thank you so much for joining me today... I always enjoy your visits and thoughts.