Tuesday, December 28, 2010

A White Christmas

I'm dreaming of a White Christmas... ha! Not when you're from Minnesota.

Hoping all of you had a wonderful Christmas filled with love, joy and the peace that passes all understanding, especially this time of year. 
Ours was a trip to Minnesota, my home town and a very white wonderland.
 I am joining Kathleen at Faded Charm for White Wednesday, I hope you enjoy everyones Whites today.

With just 20" of new fallen snow, I couldn't resist...

They are expecting another foot Friday, it is beautiful and was fun for a week, but it is a lot of work. The roads are clear and they know how to cope with the snow. So traveling was easy this year.

The kids making tunnels... you can see how high the piles are by my shadow.

My daughter Nicole and I took a morning walk in the cemetery, just for the sheer beauty of the snow. I wish I would have gotten some earlier shots, this would have been amazing at sunrise. But I truly just enjoyed these moments with my daughter. 

I wish I could have captured the sparkle on everything. The cold put ice crystals on top of all the snow and it was God's artistry at its finest.

Thank you... 
Kathleen again for another White Wednesday, please join her at Faded Charm.

I also wanted to add a big thank you to Dorthe at Den Lille Lade for sending me such a wonderful package from Denmark. I had ordered some of her fairy dolls for my girls to gift at Christmas and they arrived the day we left. We were both worried about the slowness of the mail. 

The morning we were to leave, I prayed that they would get here so they wouldn't sit outside for a week and get ruined...  As always the Lord is faithful. (did you know He cares about the  incidentals of our lives)
They arrived undamaged...

Aren't they amazing... the faces are magical.

Dorthe gifted me this amazing angel she made of driftwood from the Baltic sea... I just love it, thank you dear friend.

Pink fairy for Sophie 

Purple fairy for Savannah

Glam fairy for Leah


Leah and Sophie


They loved their dolls from Aunt Dorthe and promised to put them up on the shelves to "look at", so we can keep them pretty.

With all of us together, well some of us were MIA... the stomach flu plagued us this Christmas... one by one it hit, so although we were together some were isolated. 
We are a large lot, so it gets a little hectic opening presents and such... a lot of talking, eating, drinking, laughter, crying and noise but we are together and their is a lot of love...

 Just some random shots of our Christmas...
 the  picture of quiet, reverence and reflective gift opening at Christmas is not here. It is a lost cause with my 6 children with their families, my sisters 4 with their families and my ex husband with his family and my mother, but we do know happiness and the joy we find in each other. With such a large family spread so far from each other, it is a great  blessing when we are all together and we take the few moments shared together and tuck them away for another year.

My beautiful mom

For Inspiration I am joining Debra for Vintage Friday! Please join her and be inspired...

Many Blessings from Our House to Yours

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Merry Christmas

Joining Debra at Common Ground for Christmas Inspiration today... thank you Debra

Christmas thoughts...

As all the decorations are hanging, the gifts are under the tree, the cards are in the mail and the candles are flickering... 
I stare at the dancing lights and reflect on just what Christmas means to me.

Oh yes, there is love, family and even cute little clichés, 
Jesus is the reason for the season.
 We celebrate the baby Jesus laying in a manger with angels singing praises to... who?
 Luke says, and the angels sang heavenly praises to the new born... King. Not baby, but King. 
In fact King of Kings.
 How many of us realize what God in all his glory did for us that night... it was much more than a miracle of a baby being born to a virgin... 
He surrendered himself to mankind. 
The very God that created every angel, heavenly host, principality, star, planet... man 
became a helpless poor child, born in a horrible stable. 
He became the lamb that was to be slain for us. 
He could have at any time called down the heavens but He chose to strip himself and become man that first Christmas, totally depending on His Father.  
To walk as an example for mankind and to show the hosts of heaven who He is.  
 It was His plan from the start, to reveal Himself through mankind.
 To sacrifice Himself so we could become sons of the Living God and reveal the love that God has for His creation. 
Gods only Son came down from His throne and became the sacrifice for sin...
 not only the sins of man but the concept of sin.
 He did away with sin through His blood, so that we might walk in victory every day...
 not only on Christmas. 
When He looks at you or me He sees us completely whole and sinless because of what His Son did. 
That my friends is the true meaning of Christmas and that is why the Angels sang...
 Glory to God in the Highest and on Earth,
 Peace  Goodwill to All Men... 
Every single one of us.

God Blessed Us Every One

Christmas 2010 Continued

So glad you could stop back for Christmas in our home. As I said, I didn't decorate like I usually do. Normally I have fresh garland and do a little more around the house but this year just got away from me. I really enjoy decorating for Christmas,
 I think we all do.

Our family room

We added this room when the kids were young and needed a romp room.

I totally stole this idea (with permission) from Carole at Maynard Greenhouse

I love my bears...

One of my favorite finds, old white terracotta angel wings...

Living room, fireplace. Original to the house, Italian marble.

As this week brings us closer to Christmas with all the busyness getting ready for family and friends, let us take a few minutes and enjoy the simple things. 
Reflect on the real meaning of this holiday and think upon Jesus.

Many Blessings