Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Welcome to White Wednesday

Hello and welcome to another White Wednesday hosted by Kathleen at Faded Charm. Please visit her blog to see more wonderful whites and visit all the fabulous blogs listed.

This Wednesday I have featured white jewelry that I have in the shop. Most of us appreciate jewelry in one way or another, so I thought it fun to take a peek at what we have in white. I make some of the jewelry but we feature approximately four other artists and lines in the shop.
My jewelry is made from precious and semi precious stones that I collect on my travels but most comes from Arizona. I love to use found vintage treasures, religious items, hardware and keys. And of course all this is available, if you are interested I can email you.

MOP button

This necklace is made of jet, mop, old picture and an old rosary.

Old mop cross and mop rosary beads

Jill Schwartz Necklace

Sterling silver charm bracelet

In my studio

We also carry Nataya clothing and they have a wonderful line of white vintage inspired dresses and tops

Well, that wraps up another wonderful white Wednesday. I hope you have a great week and thanks so much for stopping by. Thank you Kathleen for hosting yet another Wednesday, you always are awesome.
I always love to hear from you and I appreciate all your comments.

Friday, September 25, 2009

Halloween Comes to the Shop

Halloween Comes to Vintage Living

Well, I have been working on Halloween for a week now and I am almost done. We still have an order coming in but all in all it is done... I still am making some Halloween collage boards and maybe a witch or two and then I need to work on finishing my painted pumpkins.
We are having a Halloween Starry Starry Night on October 15, it will be fun for all with ghoulish goodies, prizes for costumes and a we will be decorating witch hats with vintage trims that night too.
I have to say Halloween is my least favorite holiday, I usually don't do much black but this year I decided on a apothecary/laboratory theme and it was quite fun. I collected old bottles and old apothecary jars and anything else I could find that fit in and here is the results.
You may click the picture to enlarge it.

There are quite a few pictures - I hope it doesn't slow down your computer.

The witch hats we will be making.

See that jar with peanut m&m's... I should know better than put them in my reach, it was half full!

"When witches go riding and black cats are seen
the moon whispers and laughs,
'Tis near Halloween!"
Author unknown
I hope you have a great weekend