Thursday, November 1, 2012

Miss Potter and Road Trip!

November first already, fall slipped by quickly as it always does. The leaves are now on the ground and the wind whistles through the trees calling winter. I am as ready as I will ever be. The potting shed is painted, just the iron widows walk goes back up on the porch and it is done until spring. It has been a larger project then I thought... I must be getting old, I don't remember "Miss Potter" being that big before, she expanded with each brush stroke!

My son is going to put the iron widows walk back on the top of the porch for me... I got one piece up there and decided he could do a better job.

He put a new roof on the porch as the old one rotted from too much foliage 

I cut all the vines away from the shed, it looks pretty bare right now.

But come spring the vines will grow back and I will be replanting.

The inside needs to be redone also, but for now just a good cleaning is all I did.

It will be fun to give the inside a new lift come spring...

One of my favorite finds... a framed first place garden ribbon collection from the 1920's.

Looking out through the window

I am leaving for Indiana tomorrow to see my dear friend Donna and we will be driving to Texas Saturday, to visit her daughter April. We will be working on Aprils new house and we will be preparing for April's wedding coming in January. So for two weeks we will be in the Dallas area and I am so anxious to see all my wonderful Texas gals! We are going to try to make Canton.
So if you have time and you are near the Dallas area give me a shout out or an email which ever suits - I would love to see you!

Meanwhile things around here will have to wait...

I've been working on this poor painting all summer it seems...

She will be here when I return...

I'm packing my cowboy hat and boots and heading out...

Road Trip!!!



  1. What a charming little place--love it!

  2. What a darling, dreamy dollhouse/potting shed! I would just die to have something so sweet that I could call my own and decorate in such sweet garden style.
    That ribbon collection in the frame is really one of a kind awesome!
    Every little detail is lovely, Rebecca.

    Have such a wonderful time in TX! I would LOVE to spend two weeks there. I see so many fantastic shops on blogs down there. Hope you take lots of pics.


  3. I just loved seeing all of this!

  4. Oh I love your potting shed, I could just move right in! Have a great trip, my dear!!

  5. Simply breathtaking!
    Have a safe and happy trip!


  6. Rebecca, I love the potting shed , it's adorable. Have a safe and fun trip to Texas. I know that Donna and you will probably have many laughs. Give April a hug for me. She is a sweet girl. xoxo, Susie

  7. Rebecca- I think this is one of the most wonderful sheds I have ever seen. I just love it-It makes me feel all "cozy" looking at it. Have a safe trip with your friend, Donna. Enjoy every moment of it- xo Diana

  8. The potting shed looks so cozy I could hang out there all day. Thought I might see you on your way to TX. If not you two have a blast and have a safe trip.


  9. Love your potting shed Rebecca. Have a fun and safe trip to Texas! ♥

  10. Sweety you do realize Canton will not be open on Monday? It runs through this Sunday only. There won't be anyone in town then. Look at my November events on my recent post for these dates. Hope you have fun in Texas.

  11. What a treasure you have in Miss Potter. She is truly lovely. I too am in love with the framed ribbons. You have her dressed both inside and out perfectly. Thank you for sharing her with me today.



  12. What a lovely little place - lots of inspiration here for those of us contemplating the creation of a cottage-potting-shed-magic-writing-space!

  13. Have a wonderful trip Rebecca!! Your potting shed is amazing!What a dream!

  14. Thanks for sharing your beautiful"Miss Potter". All the doors and windows are on my potting shed now...just in time for the heavy rains and next steps are finishing the porch and siding. Can't wiat til Spring when I can putter around inside:-)

    Have a wonderful trip!


  15. Rebecca, dear- your Miss Potter home is the most adorable little hide away, and creative place.
    Filled with so many beautiful things, and creations. It must be such a joy working there, in spring
    and summer time. Must be ajoy having this little love filled place of your own.
    Have a safe travel to your friend Donna, and enjoy your time away.
    Blessings and hugs,Dorthe

  16. Have a great trip! It is so much fun peaking in to your sweet little cottage! thanks for sharing the wonderful pictures...and I hope that you have sooo much fun on your road trip! Happy days!

  17. Rebecca,
    Yours is the dreamiest garden cottage ever.
    I am going to pin it now. I just don't know which picture to pin first!

  18. Your little potting shed is adorable! I love all the vintage things you have inside. So cute! Have a safe and fun trip. Blessings, Pamela

  19. I could live in that little building!

  20. Yes, what a lovely post ... your potting shed is lovely, and your trip to Texas sounds like so much fun ... I hope you get to go to First Monday!! Enjoy!

  21. how fun to see this wonderful space and blessings on your time in Texas and your wedding creativity

  22. Have a safe and fun trip!
    I'd love to shed sit for looks so welcoming!

  23. What a fabulous looking potting shed. Your blog is just lovely. A new follower here.

  24. Just Beautiful!! You bring lots of inspirations...Thank you<3

  25. Ms Potter is looking quite lovely with her new paint! Well done! Now she is ready for spring!! Thanks so much for the tour - certainly enjoyed all the pics!!! Have fun with Donna and April! Safe travels!


    "Her" and Romeo

  26. Greetings Rebecca. I am so very happy to be visiting with you. The lovely Tina, who I am happy to call a friend, directed me here and I am oh so happy she did.

    Miss Potter is gorgeous!

    Wishing you a joy filled and safe trip.


  27. You and Donna have a wonderful time! Sure do love you guys :)
    I also am in total love with Miss Potter and think I could move right in!!!
    sending love...

  28. Miss Potter is sooo beautiful, I felt like in a fairy tale looking at those pictures. Have a safe trip and an awesome time!

  29. Oh, Miss Potter is the best! I love the magical way you have decorated it. I'd never leave it, not even for dinner!
    Thanks so much for the tour and the inspiration! Have a happy and blessed Thanksgiving!

  30. Holy COW! Miss Potter is positively spectacular... Oh how I wish she'd like to move... maybe over to my house in the Pacific Northwest for a change??? Beautiful inside and out. DEEEE.LISH..


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  32. Oh Rebecca I kept going over the photos over and over again. I would want to spend every spare minute in there. I needed this....thank you! Glad you had a wonderful time with girls.
    Belated Happy Thanksgiving!


  33. What is the size? Love the looks!!!

  34. I found this post through Pinterest, and I love you garden shed - it is beautiful.


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